What states is it legal to own a wolf?

Here is a detailed page on the subject.

"National Wolfdog Alliance - State Regulations"

"Current State Regulations as they Pertain to Wolves and Wolfdogs"
you can not have a wolf in California
ummmm Canada (i know it's not a state)

It's Legal in TN- though you have to have a permit
You can get a special permit in any state, so long as you have good reason, and proper enclosure, veterinary care, the stamp of approval from the conservation department and so on.
Why would you want to own a wolf? If you love wolves wouldn't it be kinder to fight for their right to live in the wild? If I were you I would get involved in an animal rights group that fights for preserving wild land from development.
I think that you need a permit in almost all states...
for the hybrid or whatever they call the bred ones........now I have heard that they dont make very good pets at all.....if you want a dog that makes a rottweiler look like a sissy .....a pit bull look luck a puppy check this one out.....they be big and tough
I hope youre joking. Wolves are not pets! Do you know what you are doing? There is plenty of other animals to own as pets.
in Alaska some times it happens to where your husky will run off and mate with one, the n toyu have the puppys vaxinated
research it on the internet
it's a bad idea to even consider "owning" a wolf; they aren't domestic, & are very different from dogs.

the fact that they can BREED wolf to dog, & that the pups are not sterile, but can breed to have pups of their own, doesn't make it a good idea.

wolf hybrids & pet wolves are far too often in the headlines, for attacking livestock, ppl, other pets, kids, etc.
they jump up & pull ceiling fans down when left home alone...it's moving, it's to catch, right?

they're destructive, & unhappy in domesticity; this is an animla that would cover 30 miles in a day, in the wild.

dogs are willing to be #2 to ppl in most cases, if fact they feel most comfortable if there's a clear "i'm in charge" person or dog.
nv. and mo.

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