Am I being discriminated against due to my age?

I live in a council property in the South of England. I have some severe medical problems which are exacerbated by living too far from my family for them to be able to assist me. My GP, My Neurologist and my Counsellor have all advised me to apply to the council to get a transfer to another area, and all 3 have offered their support with regards to letters to the council etc. However, the local council refused me a medical transfer as "they only do those if the tenant is over 65", I am 32 and want to know if I have any options with regards to this decision. Surely they are being "ageist" towards me? I have looked online for info on age discrimination and the new laws that came into effect last year, but all the info I have found is in relation to ageism towards the elderly, not the reverse. I hope someone can help point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Answer:   Best people to help you are Shelter. Use the link below to find your local office:

All their advice and services are free. They really are the experts on housing advice.

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that is probably council policy in which case it is unlikely that they will go against it. I would simply keep pressing the issue and hope they give in. Have you talked to a solicitor?
Try the Citizens Advice Bureau or your solicitor. You should get half an hour free under the green card scheme.
I would also look for laws regarding discrimination because you are disabled. You might get further with that.
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It works both ways!!!
Tell the local (or national) papers! That should stir them up.
Agism works both ways- so they might be discriminating not onlyon grouds of age but also on grounds of disability.
i got a relation in Surrey who would do a swap for one in East Sussex. Has to be a three bed tho
Hi Lulu,

I think you will find that the age discrimination regulations 2006 only apply to employment, I have no doubt a colleague will correct me if I am mistaken.

Your solution lies in registering for a transfer to an area closer to where you wish to be. It will be quicker than going through the bureaucracy of using the grounds of your disability.

Hope this helps

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