Can I sue someone who falsely accused me of a crime?

A lady reported to the police that I was masturbating while driving in my jeep (not guilty). I was arrested when I pulled in the hardware store to pick up landscaping materials. The officer said she called and reported my license plate. The officer did ask her to come back by to ID me and she did
Went to court today and the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence and the lady literally changed her story 3 times! While in court I find out that she had access to my personal information: (Job, address, phone numbers, ect.) witch really pissed me off. Yet I did not know who she was until today.
I am thinking about a suing her for damage expenses (bail, lawyer cost, impound, ect )
Do I have a case? Or should I just cut my losses and move on?
Answer:   You might sue for defamation, emotional distress and, if you get in trouble with your job, lost pay. You might also press police charges against her for filing a false report.

But, if you pursue any of this, you do risk exposing yourself even more than you've already been. I'd probably hold off unless and until you get flack from your job or your neighbors since until then you might have a hard time proving that you actually suffered any injury.
You could sue her... but you wont get much, and it will probably be a drain on your life.

You *could* sue her... but I would not bother.
Go sue her big fat crazy head and see how she likes to be sweating it out! She sounds like a nutjub!
You could sue her but it would probably not be worth it as it would come with publicity which you don't need in your line of work. Ask your attorney to have the record expunged or it will haunt you in the future. If she does have money, and you truly are innocent, sue her *** off.
Stand up for yourself, especially if your career is in jeopardy. Find a lawyer who will take the case on a contingency basis and sue her for slander and all the expenses her allegations cost you.
you have all rights to sue...this could cost you your carrier...

i don't know where you live, but you should search for a good civil rights attorney...if you can afford should hire a private investigator to do some research on this woman...sometimes there are sick people who walk on this earth just to cause misery in other people's lives...

i work for a civil rights attorney, but we are in jersey, he sometimes handles cases in new york and pennsylvania...if you are in any of those states email me i can give you some info...either me with the city and state you are in...we are members of NACDL and a load of other organizations...if we can help you, we can certainly recommend someone in your state or city to help you out.

good luck
Sue her for defamation and for your costs as a result of the charges. Making a false criminal charge against you definitely counts as defamation and she definitely owes you for your costs as well as for your time lost to these charges (you could probably get the court to bill her at whatever you make per hour for your time lost).

The only way to stop fraudulent charges from being filed is to sue the crap out of the people filing them. You should have sued her immediately once the charges were filed, though it isn't too late now, either.
This is a shot from the hip. Why not go cheap and ask the DA's Office if there is a chargable crime. Maybe she makes a habit out of reporting things, the Police may be able to help as well.
You did not mention "why she thought you were doing something" Have you left out anything? She must have seen something if she is not a nut!

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