How much does it cost to get a letter notarized?

I also would like to know where to get it notarized local!
Answer:   I did it at Mailbox etc. for $3.
most banks have notary services for members at little or no cost.
If you have a bank account, your bank will notarize free of charge. For about $10, you can go to many check cashing places, such as Amscot. If you work, ask if your HR department has a notary, many, if not most, do. You can also look in the yellow pages for Notary Public. They usually do this as a side job though so they may charge more.
Banks and credit unions always have notaries, because they deal with documents which need to be notarized on a daily basis.

Many financial institutions will notarize free of charge for their customers. If they do not provide the service for free, the cost is usually very modest--under $10 in my area, I think (I always just go to my bank).

Be sure to take your photo ID with you when you go to have a document notarized--the notary must have proof of your identity before he or she can notarize a document.

Best of luck.
Check with the post office. It's a small fee if not free
Your bank or credit union will usually do it for free or next to nothing. Just walk in and go the the customer service dept.
i think just about all lending instutions.banks and cedit unions alike all have public notarys that will put there stamp on your papers or whatever for no charge at all..they love to give you the service.
Some town halls do it for free, call and ask. My college did it if it were in regards to employment related to your job. Ask around.
It does not cost a lot to get something notarized. And you can go to ur bank & get it done for free or just about any business for little of nothing.
Banks, real estate offices, city hall, and the yellow pages. Call around. Usually, you can find someone who does it free. One place I lived it was city hall. Here it is a Credit Union.
Free, if your friend's dad is a lawyer!

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