What does it mean to be INDICTED?

i know it relates to criminal charges...but what exactly does being Indicted entail?

simple answer, it is a formal notification that you are being charged with a specific crime
Being indicted means that there has been a formal charge placed against you by the findings of a jury, or especially a grand jury...
Most times, indictments are handed down by Grand Juries. It is a jury who hears the reasons a person may be charged with a crime and they decide whether there is enough cause to "indict" or not. If so, then a regular trial is held.
It means that a Grand Jury finds that there is sufficient cause to Charge you with a crime and bring you to trial. Charges can be brought about in one of 2 ways. One way is through the State Attorney's Office and the other is through a Grand Jury True Bill. A True Bill is when they find cause to bring the charges. No True Bill means they do not feel that there is enough for you to stand trial.
What does it mean to be INDICTED?
Formal Charges have been brought against you.
It mean that you are evil and care what you done, so people indicted you on your bad view which is good, because you can not go around hurting peoples in this world and think that you can get away with it.
When you are arrested on certain more serious offenses (not little stuff like tickets or misdemeanor stuff), your case is sent to a grand jury to decide if there is enough evidence to formally charge you. The grand jury is a jury of people picked in the same way as a jury for a trial is picked, only they are reviewing and deciding on whether or not to charge you instead of hearing a trial. If the grand jury decides you should be charged, you are, and that is the indictment. At that point, you would need an attorney to get you through the trial process if you didn't already have one.

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