Should Men and Women receive the same punishment for the same crime?

I do, and that's not currently what's happening in our so-called "equal before the eyes of justice" society.
Don't believe me? Read just a few of articles on the subject.

Yes they should, no doubt about it!

They're both people, and they both committed a crime. It should definitely be the same punishment.

This was supposed to be resolved hundreds of years ago. You think they would have finished this issue by now...
yes they should. People should be treated equally even for crimes.
Of course. If they want equal pay, they should receive EVERYTHING equal!
Women wanted equality, now they have it. They should have to face just what a man does for the same crime. Conscious, right from wrong. A Mans mind in compared to a womans is no different and should recieve the same punishment to fit the crime.
yeah, they should bring back the ERA so those damn feminists can finally get full equality, which is what theyve been going for the past century
i dont think they should get the same..Physiology they are different...women have much more emotions...they could get effected easy...they get angry much faster the the other hand men have more control on them selves
Men and women should be treated equally in our judicial system, but the judicial system relies on juries and judges who have biases and bigotries. I would be amenable to a solution, but I'm not sure how to correct the fallibility of humankind.

*EDIT: I never said that we can't correct it; I said that I don't know how to correct it.
Actually they should be punished by size. If they are really large they should get longer prison terms. Little people should rarely serve any time, except for the most heinous of crimes.
No. Women and men are not built the same, and don't have the same opportunities in life, so they should not be treated equally in the eyes of the law. Women are treated like second-class citizens even today, and men only want men and women to be equals when it comes to things like crime and punishment.
Males are responsible for 86% of the crime in the U.S., and that should be taken into consideration. Women aren't inherently prone to violence like men are, so when a woman commits a violent crime, the reasons behind it should be investigated thoroughly.

Jay K. - I hope you're not totally blind to the "glass ceiling" and the historical oppression that women have faced. You sound like one of those little whiny white man to me who blames affirmative action and other people for everything. Facts are men hugely commit more crime than women - there is no way to change those numbers, or make excuses for them. In fact, when women do commit violent crimes they're always on the front page because it's so much rarer of an occurence. If you have a problem with inequality in the courts, go into law.
equal rights = equal choices = equal consequences

unless one or the other is mentally challenged, a minor, a senior citizen, 2nd time offender, etc... Then the punishment should be the same regardless of race and/or gender.
...behind just about every man's crime is a woman that has most likely served as active motivation.

Punishments should be the same, yes, arrangements should be different. In truth our entire prison system should be set up differently so that nonviolent offenders can serve their time with other nonviolent offenders. Same is true for women and men. Personally, I think all jail sentences for all offenses should be doubled from what they currently are though. Maybe if crimes carried such a steep penalty people may think harder before attempting them, or at least get better at getting away with them. Also, any sentence over 50 years for violent offenders, first time or not, should carry with it an automatic death sentence. Why waste tax payers dollars?

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