How long does a person have to continue paying child support when arrears have accrued and child is 18?

Please base on Montana law.
Answer:   until the bill is paid off or you die.
Until the arrears are paid.

BY THE WAY: Death does not defeat the payment of the arrears. If the payor dies, the judgement becomes a claim against the estate. If the payee dies, the child can then file a claim for the unpaid arrears.
i would assume until it's all paid off.
according to paragraph 3 of subsection one of Montana Law:
"until all arrears are paid to the child in full"
Until the arrears are paid off.
You have to pay until the child support old is PAID IN FULL. The child can be 30years old, and you ole so you will have to pay until balance paid in full. Be aware that interest does occur. They will take your pension if they have too.
Hello, I am not a lawyer and certainly all you need to do is call legal aid and they will advise you. In most states child support stops when the child is a legal adult. Age 18. But dads, really thats the time your kids really need you, they are trying to go to college, and they need to get their degree to get a good job. School is expensive, living expenses and supplies and transportation is needed. I am a single mom . now divorced over 20 years.. I still cannot phathom how anyone can just STOP helping or loving their children.. If you havent had a good close relationship with them because of the mom or distance.. THIS IS THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOUR KIDS Again.. theyre adults and they can make their own decisions.. Why wouldnt you WANT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS. maybe you cant pay the whole amount.. maybe DONT PAY THE MOM. pay it to the College student or open a joint credit card acct and give them an associate card.
How can you dump your kids.. If your kid was 25 and lost their job.. would you let them sleep in ahomeless shelter?
Whats wrong with you men? I know this question is FROM A MAN.. These are your children for life.. work something out with your young person on what you can handle and what they depend on you for. YOURE THEIR PARENT..
Sorry, Bud, but you have to pay the whole thing.
You have to pay until all arrearages are taken care of. SOMEONE picked up your share when you weren't paying.. You have to reimburse whomever it was.
It is past due, so really you have to pay it immediately, if not sooner. As for the child being 18, you might still owe child support until the kid graduates from high school. Read your judgment carefully, as both are possible in ALL jurisdictions.
You owe the arrearage no matter the age of the child. Now, unless the child in automatically emancipated at age 18 in Montana, child support can still be in effect, which means it's still adding up. For example, if the child is 18, but still in school, you may still have to pay. Check your local laws and file emancipate papers with the courts if necessary. Good Luck.

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