Handicap parking question?

Serious question. Please no stupid answers.
Today, i was parked in a grocery parking lot, not handicapped, regular space. A police officer cruised by and stopped and wrote a ticket for someone without a handicap sticker of any kind that was parked in the handicapped parking. Question. Is it illegal to park in the handicapped parking without a sticker? What is the penalty?
No, I do not park in handicapped parking. I think its wrong. I have relatives that use handicapped parking so I know and understand why they need and deserve that space. Im asking from a legal standpoint.
Thank you for the legitimate answers. Have a good night!
Answer:   I think it varies from state to state. I live in California. Here it is definitely illegal to use handicapped spaces unless you have a sticker or a temporary handicapped placard. The ticket is $250.
It is illegal to park in a handicap spot if you don't have a tag for it visible to everyone outside the car. It is also illegal if you park next to a handicap space and you are on the line in between the spaces or a little over the line.

Fines vary depending on where you live.
Yes it is illegal , in Ontario the fine is $150.00.
I'm speaking about BC in Canada. It is definitely illegal to park in a handicapped space here and the penalty is a ticket which could involve costing you more for car insurance. And so it should. There's nothing more annoying than an able-bodied person parking in a handicapped parking space.
Yes, it is illegal. There is usually a fine posted to the handicapped sign stating the amount. I am sure if they police officer gave a ticket it was anywhere from $75.00-200.00.
In order to park in a handicapped space, you need to have a tag hanging from your mirror, a license plate, or a sticker that denotes you having a disability that requires you to be close to a building.

That or if you leave your four-ways on....then you could park half in a handicapped space and half in the middle of an intersection and police would direct traffic around you.
Yes it is illegal. The penalties very from one area to another. I live in Florida and have all my life. While in most areas it is a $250.00 fine. I have seen areas like at malls that if you use a handicapped spot and you are not handicapped they will just tow your car besides the ticket. So you have a minimum $250.00 fine plus towing fees, plus storage fees plus any other charges they wish to add. They actually have rent-a cops ( Mall Security) that rides around the parking lot and checks and if you are parked in a handicapped space without proper stickers or mirror hangings, they call the towing company.
In Illinois, it is illegal to park in handicapped parking without a placard or plate denoting a disability. The minimum fine for parking in a Handicapped Parking space is $250.00. The space includes any hash marked areas around the space for wheelchair access. In the post above; Ashley writes "That or if you leave your four-ways on....then you could park half in a handicapped space and half in the middle of an intersection and police would direct traffic around you." is totally wrong in Illinois and could result in a ticket; having your four-ways on does not exempt you.

My source is the Illinois Compiled Statutes (625 ILCS 5/11-1301.3 thru 625 ILCS 5/11-1301.7), link below.
Yes, it is illegal to park in a handicapped parking space without the proper State issued permit and the fines and penalties vary for County to County and start anywhere from $50 to up to $400, depending on where you live.

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