I want to get fired and draw unemployment; tell me how?

If I want to get fired and draw unemployment how would I go about doing that.

I hate my job and I'm a single parent working all the time for little pay. My boss gives everyone a tough time, not particularly me but most people.

I want to find another job and eventually go back to school but I need some time therefore I need some income while I'm looking.

So once again I pose the question: how can I get fired and still get unemployment benefits for a few months.

I hate to be scum, but this seems like a necessary evil to me.

arrive late -- leave early -- take long lunch breaks -- be really incompetent at your job -- in other words pretend your George W. Bush
Keep calling in sick over and over and then while you are at work take extended lunch breaks and don't do your work.

Go in and ask him how long he has been a homosexual. If that doesnt get you fired, then fein a bladder control problem and relieve youself on his shoes.
The majority of times when you get fired you wouldn't be able to file for unemployment compensation. Unless you get fired for something beyond your control or laid off for lack of work.
Getting 'fired' usually eliminates you from drawing unemployment insurance.
Take it from me, you cannot collect unemployment insurance if you get fired. I was unjustly dismissed, went to labor relations, appealed, managed to get my employer to pay me severance pay. Now I am still appealing to qualify me for unemployment insurance benefits.
Your best be would be to ask your employer to give you a layoff rather than you being fired. Try and talk to them and explain your situation they may be wanting to let you go as well.
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Call the Social Security Administration in your area.
Since you do not say what State you live in, it is not possible to provide a completely accurate answer. However, I can assure you that the Social Security Administration knows absolutely nothing about the rules for collecting unemployment insurance.

The following generalizations apply to most States:
If you quit because you want to look for a better job or go to school, you cannot draw unemployment.
If you get fired because of insubordination, being a harasser, or doing something harmful to the employer, you cannot draw unemployment.
If you are laid off for economic reasons, you may draw unemployment.
If you are fired because you could not do the work, you may draw unemployment.
If you quit because you are the harassee, you may draw unemployment.
Always expect your employer to fight the award because it costs them money.
The only job I was ever fired from, I was fired for being late 10 times in a year, each time about 5 or 10 minutes tardy. Three of those times, I was late because a co-worker on my "team" at the same job called me at the last minute and needed a ride.

I was denied unemployment benefits despite my fighting it, because twice I signed a written warning by my supervisor that this was their policy, that if I was late 10 times it was cause for termination.
If I had refused to sign it, I would have been given unemployment compensation, the arbitrator who denied me benefits told me.

I worked very hard at this job, with rotating hours, overtime, and coming in frequently at their request on my days off, but I just couldn't handle the volume of calls that they expected me to. Tardiness was an excuse to fire me and replace me with someone they thought could willingly have blood squeezed out of them and perform at those levels.
The job was customer service for a credit card bank, that was, at that time, the largest issuer of credit cards in the United States. They recently were bought out and no longer exist.

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

Although their assets were just absorbed by a bigger witch.
I am VERY tempted to tell ya to first watch the laugh-riot movie "Office Space" to get good 'n primed up for MY recommended plan of attack, but...well, you know how we all want to know how to avenge yourself at work by tormenting the boss! All it takes is a little imagination!
But, proceed with caution. After you get fired, you might have moments of euphoria, thinking you are on the Yellow Brick Road on your way to Emerald City, but those Unemployment Office Flying Monkeys will grab ya and plop yer sweet buns in a damp room in The Witch's Castle, with the hourglass ticking.
If you were currently making a decent wage, I would say wait it out until they are looking to downsize and looking to lay off a small group and be sure you make the cut.
But the fact that your present wage ain't cuttin' it, then go looking! Take off those blinders and try anything! Put out feelers to everybody you know. Word-of-mouth is 1000 times more likely to land you something new, rather than going thru official channels with all that loathesome ppwk. The unemployment, disabilty, and welfare systems are so overburdened now, it will be a sticky, frustrating web that will cause you to waste months or years of your life. And we working people pay for it.
Now, here's just a single lead for you: A fella walked up to me three days ago and told me of two part-time openings for a forklift driver...$15.70 an hour! The trucking industry is always needed all over America. Think about it. Everything you buy at the store was trucked in, and there's enough work for everybody. all companies, great and small. You gotta have a clean record, tho..
Well, good luck and persevere!
I would still recommend watching that movie..
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