What is the age limit for people TO STOP driving? Details...?

Just got back from the airport to drop off my husband and while we were getting his stuff from the trunk someone hit our car with this big ole Lincoln Continental and it was an old lady. She left some scratch on my Cadillac CTS (front) and that kinda bother me and was thinking:

If DMV or the law in general will not allow this healthy young man to drive because they have not reached the legal driving age, whyn would they let an old lady continued to drive. And I am talking about SHORT, BAD EYESIGHT, OLD WOMAN. Don't you think they should MAKE A LAW about this driving age thing?

FYI, I got her informations and such just in case I needed them.

Sorry you got hit. Every state has their own laws about driving, but these are usually associated very tightly with the statistic on drivers kept by the larger and more powerful insurance companies. Laws about the vehicles can be federal (air bags, seat belts, what windows can be tinted, etc.), but drivers are controlled by the states.
At this point in time, teen drivers are still doing most of the damage to both vehicles and the people inside. I do not think that setting an upper age limit is as important as adjusting a lower age limit BUT I personally do not believe that this is in the best interest of the society as a whole. More frequent testing, as in Illinois, seems to be a fairer way. It is bot the old drivers we want to get rid of, it is the poor drivers.
After someone reaches 65 in the state of IL they must go back every year to get retested. As log as they pass the test they can drive. So there is no age limit in the state of IL.
There are no official upper age limits for driving--at least, not in the states. The AARP website has information on how to evaluate when an older person should stop driving: recognizing warning signs, how to help stop or limit an elderly person's driving, etc. I've included the link below:
There is no federal law, for drivers over a certain age..But I do think that after a certain age, you should be tested, every so often..It is good that you have all the information, from the lady who damaged your car..Tell your insurance company, what happened, and they will authorize you, to get your car repaired..Go to a few different body shops, and get free estimates, on what the expense will be to fix your cadillac.. Be careful, because a few of them will pad the bill, and get some extra's for themselves..A good body shop, will not over charge you..Ask your friends and neighbors, for recommendations of a good body shop..Good Luck..
In Massachusetts they don't require testing or doctor's evaluation for age...only some health conditions like seizures.

To make it worse, people over 65 pay less than everyone except people with less than 6 years of driving experience.

I think age 70 is a good point to start re-evaluating on an annual basis. Things can go downhill rapidly for some elderly people.

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