Is it illegal to shoot a paintball gun in my backyard Florida?

I live in Lake Worth FL (unicorporated) and my police deptartment is the Palm Beach County Sherrif. Is it illegal to discharge a paintball gun in my backyard? My neighbor got huffy when my son got a dime sized spot of paint on his house. We quickly appologized and washed it off. He came back and said it was illegal. I don't think it is as we don't officially live in the city. And we live in a Private community.

Tell your neighbor sorry about the splatter, but he's living on Mars if he thinks shooting an air gun is illegal..anywhere, as long as it is not hurting property or people.
Splatter paint on his house again, especially after being warned before, and expect some charges to be filed. Unless the called the police to first time to document everything, you might get off with just a warning and have to pay/fix the damages.\

And in most places you can shoot a paint ball/BB gun at your own property, assuming it isn't 2 am, and you don't live in a dense area where people may be struck by errant shots.
call your local police and ask them. they may know the answer to that.
Your neighbor is crazy if he thinks air guns are illegal. Just be careful you don't shoot anyone or damage property.
I lived in Wichta, KS, and Garidner, ME and it is illegal to shot Air guns in city limits. It may not where your live cuz there is no city limits. You live in a Private commuinty(not really have any idea what that is) I would check the rule and stuff with them.
The paint wont hurt a house or a car. i have shot alot of car(friends at the private field i play at so it cool) they dont dent unless you are standing with barrle on the car. Unless your neighbor house is made out of plywood(sp) they will wont stand or any thing. Have your son shoot at a cardboard or something like that set in the middle of yard that will cut down on the spray. If your nieghbor has a problem with that. let him call the sherrif they will mostly like show see the spray and laugh in his face(unless the cop is a dick head) I know alot of cop and almost most of them play or have play paintball so they will know what is up.
Stay safe and have fun with paintball.

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