Which documents can I use to prove that I'm single?

I'm an AMerican living in Poland and I'm getting married. I need to prove to Polish authorities that I'm single. How do I do that?
Answer:   Your best bet is to make a statutory declaration before a lawyer and present that to the authorities. There may even be an official at the US Embassy empowered to help in this way -- but then you would need a sworn translaton, so it is better to go to a local lawyer.
your passport may help but surly if you are living in a foreign land you must have papers, apart from that i can only think of your birth certificate which is no grantee.are there any american laws that will help you with this.
I am not aware of any document that does so. We do not have a national marriage registry.

Even your passport isn't proof. If it says you aren't married how does anybody know you haven't gotten married since it was issued to you?

I wouldn't think that any Polish citizen could provide such proof, either. How does one prove that you have not been married in any country in the world?

Ask them what proof they would accept. Maybe tax returns, although, all you would have are the copied you filled out and there is no proof it is the one received by the IRS.
You should ask the authorities that want this proof to tell you what constitutes acceptable evidence.

Offhand, I'd suggest a sworn affidavit whereby you state under oath that you either have never been married, or that the prior marriages have ended, and you can include documents proving that that have ended (death certificate, divorce decree).

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