Can a person become a paralegal with a felony on record?

(the felony may or may not have been expunged)

Answer:   I work for the county of a major metro city and all of our paralegals have to get CJIS/FBI fingerprinted, so if there is a felony out there, it's going to show up.
Ask a lawyer.

The answer might differ from state to state, but for the most part it shouldn't hold you back.
Ask your parole officer
Probably says wife who is a paralegal. May vary from state to state.

Definitely not a attorney.
yeah you can become , inmates in jail become them go for for it

Being a paralegal is a matter of having the college degree and/or certification.

Whether anyone will hire you is a different matter.
You should be able too.
not recommended.

Try getting the record cleared or dropped. ;)
I believe so. You can have a felony on your record and still be a lawyer, so why not be a paralegal?
I mean, the only thing I know of like that where you can be is a Justice of the Peace (which means you can't even have a minor traffic violation)
It might be very difficult. Not because of the court, but because of your employer.

As a paralegal I dont believe you are an agent of the court, attorneys are ect. Now an attorney may not want you writing things for him/her if you have a felony.

I would call maybe 10-15 law offices. Im sure its going to depend on what your felony was for. I would assume its a long shot, but some attorney just starting that can pay you dirt cheap might say yes.
I don't think there is any rule against hiring a felon as a paralegal, but the felon might be hard pressed to find an attorney or company willing to give him/her a chance in light of the sensitive information a paralegal handles.
why not all lawyers are crooks anyway and they don't carry guns

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