Is it legal for a husband to steal his wife's car that was obtained during marriage with her salary?

If the contract or reciept of purchase is her name, it is not only theft but grand theft auto..............just like the video game. better do the cheat code for the lawyer.
Theft is illegal. Best consult your lawyer.
Depends on where you live. Some states have community property laws, he is entitled to everthing that is yours. Contact a lawyer to find out your rights.
In most places they have laws for Unauthorized Use. Even if she can't nail you for stealing it, she could still have you charged for using it without her permission. In my state that will get you up to 5 yrs it the state penn.
It's not considered stealing if you are still married
It depends. If his name is also on the vehicle registration, then YES he can legally take the vehicle to work, the store, etc. BUT he CANNOT like sell it or something like that. The title would most likely be in her name. But to go one further for you, My wife and I just bought a new car and picked it up yesterday. Now the car, title everything is in her name. MY name does not appear on anything. But I will be making the payments on it.If I were to leave her I legally CANNOT take the car. AS my name does not appear anywhere on any of the paper work. Even with me paying for it totally I have no legal right to this car. If I took it to go to the store she can report it stolen. Hope I answered your question.
I don't think that any stealing is legal.
If you're still married, and co-habiting, then it isn't theft. If you're separated you may be able to go for an Unauthorized Use charge. Once divorced, and living separately, it becomes grand theft auto (as long as you didn't LOAN the car to him)
Wow, some wannabe lawyers here. The real answer: No. Community and joint property rules only apply when you are separating and dividing assets. As long as you are married and don't have a legal separation agreement in place. What's his is yours, and what's yours is his. If you would get a divorce or separate maintenance agreement, the car would surely be yours.

Word to the wise: Say you get into an argument and he leaves in the car, and you want to "show him" by reporting the car stolen? Don't. That's called "filing a false police report". You'll get in big trouble. Go to counseling to work out your marriage, or leave the guy. Don't involve the police..
yes! cause it was the bith of yall's

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