Can a doctor's office charge you for signing FMLA paperwork?

I have a condition that qualifies me for FMLA and I have been on FMLA for the past year and a half. My work has me renew the certification every 3-6 months. This time when I took my paperwork to the doctor on last Tue, it was completely filled out and all the doc had to do was sign. I told them I wanted to pick it up that Fri and they said that would be fine. I have a history of my doc not having it ready when it's due back to the company that handles the FMLA so I called and of course it wasn't ready. I had to call and get an ext. I got a call yesterday (Wed) saying that it was ready and that it'll be $25.00! ? I have insurance AND an appointment that I was going to go to tomorrow. I asked why the $25.00 and she said that they charge for the doc having to fill out. I told her all the doc had to do was sign and she said too bad, $25.00 or you won't get the paperwork... What should I do and is that legal? sounds like I'm bribing them to sign it... I've never paid a fee in the past
Answer:   Whether it is fair or not your Dr. can charge you for alot of things that they never used to.

School forms, Camp forms, Sports participation forms, Disability forms, FMLA forms, Life insurance forms, Paperwork for patient assistance programs, Referrals, Phone consults initiated by patients, E-mail consults, Refills or prescription changes handled outside of an office visit, Copies of medical records, Preauthorizations, No-shows

In short anything that causes your Dr. to sign his name.

Is it fair? No but it is becoming a fact of life in dealing with healthcare offices.
I don't think so.

I would call the Department of Labor and ask.
Yes they can charge and they do..
Why shouldn't they.

If somebody walked up to you and asked you to do something, would you have a right to expect compensation?

Of course you would.
It's legal and $25.00 is more than reasonable. They could loose their license and practice for signing information that is incorrect. They could also be prosecuted for fraud.
yes - they can charge you a prcessing fee...and this looks like what they are doing.

perfectly legal.if you don't like it and are confident with the paperwork, you can file yourself.
sounds like things have changed in the office..apparently you are not the only one who needs paperwork filed and it is apparently taking too much time away from the admin staff...
remember life changes on a daily does not hold still for you can file yourself.

good luck
Oh Im so sorry. Mine was happy to do it, and didn't charge a thing. Don't they already make enought money? That's crazy.
Under normal circumstances, I would say it's highly unethical for a physician to charge to sign necessary documentation. However, it appears that you have asked h/her numerous times to sometimes fill out and sign the paperwork; other times all that's required has been his signature. As lay people to the world of medicine, I think it's really important to understand the reality that doctors can see as many as 100 patients per day. After all that is done, they have numerous phone calls to return and then they have their required paperwork that all needs to happen during the course of one day. I understand your frustration and cause for concern over the $25 charge, but let's just try to understand his/her time is really very valuable and there does need to be some sort of compensation attached to doing something for you every 3/4 months. Hopes this helps relieve some of that stress you are feeling over this charge.

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