What kind of complaint do I file against neighbors who have been harassing me for 2 years.?

I have lived here in this house for 2 years now with my daughter, grand children. Of course we are the only black people on this block and don't bother a soul, there is a family next to me that always calls the police just for the heck of it saying that we are using drugs or selling drugs from the house. In Oct of 2006 the FBI came bamming on the door with a search warrent to raid my home for durgs and what ever eles they could find with their dogs. My grand children where on their way out the door for school and I opend the door before they could knock it down on them, they had guns ready to fire in our faces the look on their faces still bothers me for months I have been scared to go to sleep for fear of them coming again. I asked what was going on was told I could make it easy on myself by telling them where the drugs where or they could make it bad for me. They said the neighbors had been calling what rights do I have, what complant can I make to make this stop.

The FBI doesn't get search warrants and send SWAT teams to little old ladies homes without probable cause.

Sorry Granny I don't believe your sad story.

Now go call a Realtor and get your house on the market so you can move on with your life.
call cops and file harassment report
I would go to the police station, and file a harassment report, and also see if this would fall under the category of a hate crime.
I would file harassment charges with the police. I would also demand to see what grounds the FBI had for their warrant. You probably have a case for harassment against them. I am not suggesting a harassment lawsuit against the FBI. I am suggesting that if you document that you have been harassed by them, then you put them on warning that they have been accused.

I once filed a letter of harassment against the local police. They left me alone after that. (I was a young man with hair down to my waist and a full beard with older brothers who DID raise hell)
First hire a lawyer. File suit against FBI, then lawyer can force the FBI to turn over their complaints and incident reports to the court. Then file lawsuits against the ones who have accused you falsely. Sounds like you live in a racist neighborhood, and it is not right that your being treated like this. Stand your ground.
I would see a lawyer for a cease and desist order.
You can file harassment charges and possibly a civil suit against the people who made the calls.

As far as the officer's conduct - they were acting on the information they had. There was no way for them to know that the accusations were false. They were doing their jobs the best way they can. Please don't blame them for what your neighbors have done.
I agree with Mike D. No agency, and particularly the FBI, is going to search a home based on uncorroborated phone complaints.

You are leaving out some important information.
Call the police. In minisota, this qualifies as a hate crime. Further more, file both a harrasment suit and a hate crime. Find the names of the FBI agents who came to your door. Call the FBI and get a copy of the search warrant. If they don't comply, which they usually don't, go down to the courthouse, talk to the clerk, and ask for a copy of the warrant. Find an attorney if you can, or even call legal aid in your state, and tell them you need repersentation in a harrasment suit against your neighbors. If you do find an attorney, they can do everything above.

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