In the state of mississippi can you leave your home at 18 or 21?

the age of majority here from what i seen on computer is 21.
Answer:   At the age of 18 you are considered an adult
You are by law an adult in all 50 U. S. states and may leave home the day you turn 18.
At 18 you are considered the age of majority for things like entering into contracts like lease agreements and loans for vehicles and service from utility companies. Most companies won't enter into contracts with minors because they cannot enforce them if the minor defaults on them or breaches the contract some other way.

You can't drink legally until you are 21.

Note: It is possible to leave before 18 but you will have a difficult time because of the contract issues I mentioned above. It is possible to be legally emancipated before the age of 18, thereby making it possible for you to enter into contracts, but judges rarely grant minors the status of legal emancipation. You have to show that there is a very good reason for it, abuse in the home for example, and that you are mature enough and able to support yourself and live on your own. Good luck to you.

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