Do cigarette companies have patents on marijuana cigarettes?

you can look up patents you know.
ive never heard of such thing but it isnt to far fetched considering they would have the money to battle all the red tape involved with manufacturing ets...
I have "heard" that...

I have also heard that if it were to become legal, the tobacco comapies already have the stuff ready to go to make them.
Give me a break
gimme 20 super skunk special
I really don't see why not. I see people smoking Virginia Slims and can very easily see that same rolling machine being used for something else. Tobacco leafs are huge compared to weed leaves, but most people don't smoke weed leafs, they smoke the bud. I've used small grinders and I can see them being made larger to be used in mass production. I suppose you could always do a patent search and find out
That is something that I have heard since the 1960's. It is such a good story it just might not be true... I have also heard that the tobacco giants have gotten the trade marks Acapulco Gold, Best Burmese, etc.
You can't patent a plant but i have hear that they have branding and packaging ready should it be legalized.

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