Where do you report someone for slandering you over the internet?

If someone is lying about you online what can be done about it?
Answer:   I think you are referring more to libel. Slander is spoken.

Anyway, slander and libel are both defamation. If you believe someone has made defamatory remarks about you, you can complain to that person's ISP (Internet Service Provider), or if made on a web page, to the web page hosting service.

You might also have a civil action against this person if the alleged defamatory remarks:

- damaged your reputation or hurt your business.

- were false.

- were communicated to a third party who believed the remarks to be factual.
slander is slander. if you can prove it take them to court.
You can sue them for slander. How much do you want to spend on a lawyer for the satisfation.
Very little to nothing unless you can prove you have been damaged by it, ie, lost a job, cost you money and such.

Just someone trash talking you is not against the law criminally.

The one and only thing you can do is to consult a lawyer and see about bringing about a civil law suit.

This is NOT anything any police agency will help you with.
The internet as such is an open forum so there's no single place for complaints. It depends on the medium being used for slander, and what sort of user agreement you have to agree to in order to use that site.

For instance, if it is over an IM service, then you should look over that user agreement and if there's anything in there about disparaging other folks, then you could complain to their customer service. It's usually much easier to complain in forums and chat rooms than other places.

Otherwise, the only thing you can do is follow general civil law proceedings and that'd be incredibly difficult to do with the internet as the medium.
I always thought that slander was said and libel was wrote.

either way over the Internet I think it would be rather hard to actually prove or make it stick.....

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