Can you get aressted for having a warrant in a different county than from where you live?

i have a warrant in the county right next to the one i live in (same state) will my warrant show up here as well as it does over there???
Answer:   yes your warrant will show up. It just depends on the issusing agency if they want to travel and pick you up on that warrant where ever you are picked up at. In the state of ohio there a 5 levels that are on a warrant. one- just for the city,village or city that you are in, second- for the county, third- for ajoining counties that sourrond the county that it is issued in, fourth- for anywhere in the state that the warrant it issued, and finally fifth- for anywhere in the united states. thoses are the level that in ohio on if they will pick you up, it depends on the judge how bad he wants you and what the charge is.
It will.
I wasn't aware that you could leave a country while you have a warrant. so maybe it applies every where.
warrant will get you arrested anywhere. When they run your license any outstanding warrants show up.
if it's in the next county it depends on the warrant. If it's like a bench warrant for parking or something like that then they'll prob just tell you to pay it. If it's like failure to appear for court or something more serious then the law enformcement in your county, if you get stopped or whatever, will contact the county that issued the warrant and see if they want to pick you up or have you extradited
oh boy! what did you do? let me ask you that first before i could give an answer? If it was just a peep in the ladies CR then that warrant won't stop haunting you! but after peeping, you raped her that's manly and warrant is inutile! just kidding.

I think interpol will get you if crime is heinous! Run!
yes it will show up any where you go if the county who has the warrant on you puts it in the computer system. if its a city warrant and a small misdemeanor they usually will not put it into the computer. but if i were you i would have it taken care of asap.
Yes, you can get arrested, and yes the warrant will show up if you get pulled over or anything. Also, they can serve the warrant at your house.

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