Is it illegal for two minors to have sex?

If two minors are BOTH under the age of consent in Illinois, is it still illegal for them to have sex?

Age of consent is 17 in Illinois, but i dont know if there are any special laws like age difference or whatever...
Answer:   Depends if you are refering to sex as 99.9% of the population think or if you use the Bill Clinton version!!!
Um let me think...
No, maybe, I don't know, really. But I know we're not allowed to talk about it! Shhh!
No one should have sex until they are at least 18!
i do believe so...b/c underage persons (if they choose to have intercourse) and one gets preg. then the parents have the right to declare rape or it is still ILLEGAL but it's not inforced unless the parents have a big ol' bash about it and then you'll be in trouble.
no but it is very irresponsible
Yes it is.
Technically it is illegal, but when it comes to underage teens they have bigger fish to fry, like teens who deal drugs or get drunk and try to drive...
Yes, it is. You are both under the age of consent. Don't rush it. You're not even old enough to make it good.
You need to research if there are other laws on the books dealing with minors and sex in Illinois. Is some states it will still be considered statutory rape even though both participants are minors.
even though everyone does it, including most of our parents, that is what the cops told me when they caught me and my gal in the car at high school at night- course, only >>I<< would get in trouble!
It depends on how the law is enforced in your state, but here is how it works in Texas.

It IS illegal for two minors to have sex with each other, but both parties are committing the crime - that is, where some places call it statutory rape, both minors are raping each other.

Therefor there is what Texas calls a "defense to prosecution", which is, the minors are guilty, but they can defend themselves by stating that they are within a certain age of each other.

There was a case a while back in Alabama, I believe in which a black male had sex with a white girl, used the age range defense, but was still found guilty - a clear case of racism.
I would say that if the girl and the boy both had the permission from their parents, then it would be OK. (by the parents giving their permission, they are accepting the responsibility of helping that couple, in case the girl gets pregnant.)
Also, if the girls parents give her permission to get married, then in reality, they are giving their approval to anything that comes up, in that couples life.
Many years ago, I dated a girl that was 15, and her parents both gave their permission for her to date me, as they knew that she loved me, and was happy that she found a nice guy to date. They both KNEW the law on the age thing, because her dad was a city cop. We dated for 14 months, and then broke up.
Under juvenile justice rules it's a vague area. It depends on several things. How much of an age difference their is, was one child in a position of authority over the other like being a sitter, was on of low intellectual ability, etc.. There is however a case of an 18 year old retarded adult female being found guilty of being a sexual predator for being caught having intercourse with a 17 year old normal male because he was under age. Even though he was the perpetrator.
Technically depends on your state laws....if they are the same age I don't believe there is any state that will charge you....but in some states a 17 year old can be charged for having sex with a 14 year old.

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