Is it legal for me to use my parners credit card?

He has given me his card and told me his pin to get some groceries from tesco... is it ok for me to use it

Considering I work in Tesco, I can tell you the answer to your Question.

If you do this, you are committing fraud. It would be the same as if you tried to sign his signature before Chip and Pin came in to force.
Its not legal but its highly unlikely anything will happen.
I use my partners credit card all the time, I don't think it's illegal if you know the pin.
well its not that it illegal. Its just that some cashiers ask for id and if its not the same name, then they wont sell you anything. Go to the ATM. Take out some cash then go to the store with the cash.
yes, if you have permission. he has essentially given you the rights to use it as his 'agent'. my grand kids use mine all the time. most clerks do not bother to check cards to see id and if they do, just explain it to them and give them his number to call if they insist.
Yes very illegal. It is not yours.
Only if your name's in the account, or you have permission which you can prove.
if it is let me know im trying to find a way to stop my girlfriend using mine!
Perfectly legal, as long as you have written PROOF (notarized) that you have permission to use it, what use it for and it's limitations. Don't you ever watch Judge Judy?
Yes.I used my mates card this morning as she was too ill to go shopping herself.
Who cares, do it anyway and some clothes shopping while your at it, and maybe get a nice new big comfy sofa.
Ofcourse it is if you have his permission, just dont misuse it he may not be so happy.
This is against the law and you could be charged with fraud as you would have to sign the card in your partners name therefore you will be forging his signature !

If he wants you to use a card he should apply for one in your name - it can still be on his account and he will be the main card holder but at least it would be legal

With so much credit card fraud around at the moment many stores etc are examining cards very carefully which means Police are called first and explanations later - or criminal charges
The people who are saying it's illegal have no clue. If you have permission to use it, it's legal.
If he gave you permission you have not committed any crime (whether you could prove that without a note depends on if you are buying diamond earings or light bulbs).

His cardmember agreement may prohibit this, but that is not a problem unless he makes it one by disputing the charges.

So you are left with whether the store will accept it, and I would say get a note if you do it once, ask him to get you a card if you will do it often.
You say that he has given you the PIN. Do you mean it is a debit card? Not that it matters one way or the other. Just clarifying.

As long as you have the permission, you can use it. Sometimes (rarely, but can happen), the clerks will check the name/ID. Then there may be some explanations to do. My daughters use my wife's card all the time.
You can't get in trouble if he doesn't want you to.
if the shop stops you whether you have the card holders permission or not it is illegal. My husband works for a bank and if you are caught using another persons card you can be charged with fraudulent usage. The shop has every right to withhold the card and call the police.
It is illegal. You are pretending to be somebody else in order to obtain goods and services and that is a crime in the UK, no matter which way you slice it.

It is so easy to obtain a second card on a credit card account, this will prove that the card holder has granted permission. Anyone who lets somebody else use their card is an idiot.

It does happen all the time but you leave yourself wide open to fraud, and if the card was misused and the issuing company found out that you had divulged your PIN they would insist you paid the bill, no matter what the circumstances.

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