How much can some one sue for a minor dog bite??

Say dog bites someone on the hand and it's not that bad of a bite. It bled but its not huge. The dog has had all of it's shots and the bite needed no medical/hospital care. How much can the person who got bit sue the owners of the dog for?
Answer:   If the bite needed no medical/hospital care, the person could sue for pain and suffering for maybe a couple or so thousand but a judge will most likely not award them because "pain and suffering" is part of life.

I think it would be stupid to file such a lawsuit in the first place, if the dog bite has been taken care of and all parties are past it, filing a lawsuit is a waste of time.there are other important cases our courts need to be wasting their time with without people trying to milk whatever money they can get..

If the dog is a dangerous dog to society and needs to be put to sleep or whatever, then a civil suit could be filed, but this would be for the benefit of the public, not so someone could personally be awarded money for selfish reasons

My advice, whoever got bit needs to get over it and move on, there are more important things in life to enjoy than focusing on something so negative and in the past :)
Physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, emotional distress.. and court costs.

It could end up being quite a lot, depending on how well the other side lays out their sob story.
medical can SUE for millions but you aint gonna get but costs
Depends on allot of variables. Has this happened before, was the dog threatened or cornered, is it old, deaf, blind. Was it at it's house, or running loose..

Not enough info, sorry
You can recieve medical cost and court costs, emotional distress can be hard and expensive to prove. It is also difficult to put a monetary value on. There are other circumstances that are involved. Usually, the most drastic thing that is done is the dog being destroyed, depending on whether or not the dog is provoked, and /or the dog is being bred as an attack dog. My best guess, seeing as how you said it is a minor dog bite, is that you will not recieve an award for emotional distress since you haven't been disfigured or maimed do to the bite.
was it the dog's first bite? they owner is not liable under common law. not sure what state ur in
Since you have no medical bills, you cannot prove that you incurred any damages either financial or physical as a result of this bite. Therefore, you have basically have no legal remedy available to you.

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