Do red light cameras constitute entrapment?

We've got one at almost every major intersection here in Albuquerque, and it's becoming a nuisance. Is there a way to fight tickets from these cameras by claiming entrapment? Or is there another argument that the ticket is not valid?

I'm not a driver, just curious... My mom has started slowing down at every intersection in town, just in case. It's kind of scary, knowing that the city is watching you...

look hun a couple points for you to consider
A. people who dont live in abq are only discussing the point of entrapment. they have no idea realyl what we are going through in this city for the most part they dont anyways
B. as far as entrapment no its not per se. but the whole cameras at intersections does reek of big brother bs.
C. you know that i have been caught unjustly at camera intersections and that i know that they cannot be contested in court

cheer up tho by the time you start driving you will be sooo good at it you wont have to worry
entrapment (uncountable)

(law): Action by law enforcement personnel to lead an otherwise innocent person to commit a crime, in order to arrest and prosecute that person for the crime.

How do traffic cameras LEAD an otherwise innocent person to commit a crime? They don't. They catch a person committing a traffic offense. Glad to hear that they are giving your mother a reason to drive more carefully.

Additionally cameras located in PUBLIC areas do not violate privacy as there is no legal expectation of privacy while in a public place. I could legally stand on a street corner and take pictures of anyone I see as long as I don't use them in a commercial manner.

**** Okay you added more ****
You said tripped by the car next to you. - I say BS. That is why the take a picture. Of your car. Over the line.
You asked about constitutional. - You bet, time tested. Have a read of the Constitution to answer that question. Hint, what you are looking for is in the first 10 amendments.

Entrapment (as a matter of law) is when police induce (cause) someone to commit a crime that they ordinarily would not have committed on their own.

It does not include merely creating the opportunity, and allowing someone to choose on their own whether to commit it.
I think the definiton of entrapment is getting someone to do something they normally would not do.

Such is not the case with red light cameras.
A nuisance huh?... so removing the cameras and allowing people to run red lights would make life in Albuquerque easier?...
I agree that the cameras are wrong. It's a solution to a problem that failed. But it's not entrapment.
The camera is not forcing you or enticing you into crossing a red light.
One example of entrapment is when an undercover police offers you drug. If you buy it, you're committing a crime. But the crime wouldn't exist without the police selling you. That's the idea of the entrapment.
No. The camera didn't persuade the driver to commit the crime. The camera merely recorded the crime, rather like the security cameras in a bank record the crime but do not cause the crime.
No, but it does constitute a severe invasion of privacy. But then again why would anyone need privacy. We all need our lives invaded by the powers that be. (Sarcasm)

Actually I am referring to the cameras that the media/big brother
are placing at intersections and on billboards to record traffic
conditions and such. These same cameras can be used and ARE being used to
track the movements of the general population without their knowledge or
not entrapment your mom will just have to slow down or pay the fines, but I do have a friend that not only got the ticket dismissed he sued the county that issued the ticket, it was at night and when the lights on the camera went off, I guess they are quite bright, it caused my friend to crash his car into a parked car, it was so bright that it blinded him for a second and that is when he hit the car, the county settled with him out of court!
No it's not entrapment UNLESS you can prove the time it takes for the light to go from yellow to red has been intentionally altered for the purpose of issuing more tickets.

If you run a red light and the camera takes your picture. Why should the ticket not be valid?
No. At least not in Illinois. Have had several cases on this and the video not only shows the violation, the license plate, and who is driving. The entrapment defense has failed several times. According to the court public safety trumps any potential for entrapment.
Entrapment is where they do something to try to trick you into committing some crime that you might not have done had they not entirced you.

Their theory is that you ordinarily do that crime & they use undercover agents to tempt you to do what they think you might normally do.

We get snail mail or other stuff offerning pornographic images of underage children. A normal person will either throw this in the trash or go complain to the post office. A person who buys the stuff might either get the real porn, or find that the sellers were police doing entrapment.

We drive through a red light district and some person comes up to the car window offering sex for money. A normal person says no thankyou and drives on. Those individauls who accept the offer, either get some time with a prostitute, or are mugged, or find out that this was a police entrapment.

You have some kind of workshop. Some stranger arrives and asks if you would be so kind as to do some modifications on a shotgun for them. A normal person will say that this is illegal, and refuse to cooperate, then as soon as the stranger is gone, call the police and make a full statement. The stranger persists, offers oodles of money, then if you finally agree, you get arrested, finding out that the stranger is really an under cover police officer engaged in entrapment.

I can cite many other examples.

A camera at a red light that someone drives through incorrectly, or is speeding. In no way shape or form are the law enforcement officers doing any entrapment or enticing of people to do wrong.

These cameras are only a nuisance to people who do not obey the traffic laws.

To the extent that people are now obeying traffic laws, who might not have done so before the cameras, that is making the city safer.

I agree about scary. We trust the police to be honorable people, then wonder about what it does to a person's character to have a job that involves spying on people all the time.

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