Will deferred sentences come up on employee background checks?

I recieved a couple dui's 3-4 years ago while in college in Oklahoma, but got deferred sentences on both of them. Will this come up on an employee background check?

Only convictions and the CRIME show up on background checks. If the conviction shows up, then what the sentence was is looked at.
Yes it will. Now if you completed the specified time without any further incidents then it will be erased from your record. But for now it will remain on your record so that if you do the offense again, it will be flagged on your record. It will however show that the sentence was deferred. Therefore it will depend on if the employee is willing to accept that.
Nope... that's what a deferred judgment is all about. providing it was expunged from your record upon successful completion of your probationary period... you should look into it and see that it was in fact expunged.
A deferred sentence or a deferred judgment? Big difference.

If you were convicted and the judge deferred you sentence, the conviction is what is going to show up on the background check.
A deferred judgment is not a conviction (assuming you met the conditions of the court), and will not show up.

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