Is it illegal to be denied a lunch break if you work for about 4-6 hours a day?

I have friends who work in a office and said that they aren't allowed to go to lunch unless the person they work for goes. Is that illegal? They come in between 9:30 and 10:30 and leave at 5.

I believe that according to the department of labor. You must work at least 6 hours to receive a lunch break. But the can not make you work more than three consecutive hours without providing at least a 10 minute break. Go to the link below. It was developed and maintained by the US Department of Labor. It breaks down each state and what the lunh breaks for that state are.
I think it is based on an eight hour work day.
It's illegal in New York except for the "exempt" class (professionals and executives).
they have to leaglly allow them to have lunch.
In most states they have to give you a half hour paid or an hour unpaid...

For a four hour shift, you get 15 min. paid
I don't know if it goes by state, but where I live after 4 hrs. you get a 20 min break.
Depends on your state laws. Strictly forbidding even the opportunity for at least a short lunch break may be illegal.
I don't believe that any business if forced to give people lunchbreaks unless they are a minor. It might be standard to have a lunchbreak, but it isn't considered a workers' right.
6hrs has to have 15min, 8hrs at least 30min and 8+ 1hr
Yes it's illegal, but in most cases with violations like this, the fines and punishments are so ridiculously small that there's no incentive for the employer to change. Also, I think small companies can be exempt from certain labor laws. :( Have them contact their government representative though to see what can be done. If you want to help them out, make the report for them. :)

Good luck!
What's illegal? them or the law?
By the way... prisoners should be allowed to a meal twice a day
My coworker works from 8-3 with no lunch, but it's a choice she made in accepting the job (to get off early versus going out to eat). I think the law is that for every four hours you work, you're entitled to a 15 minute break. Only when you put in at least 8 hours can you take an hour off for lunch.
Are you in the US? What I'm quoting is US labor laws, so this may not apply if you are not in the USA.

There are no Federal labor or employment laws that require employers to set specific intervals or even make time for employees to take work breaks or eat meals.

Fewer than half the states have laws that require employers to make time for employees to eat meals. Even fewer states have laws that require employers to make time for employees to take work breaks. (See Work Breaks and Meals State Laws below.)

Although there are no Federal and few state laws that require employers to give bathroom breaks, the Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has interpreted a section in its Sanitation Standard, to mean that it "...requires employers to make toilet facilities available so that employees can use them when they need to do so. The employer may not impose unreasonable restrictions on employee use of the facilities."

OSHA further clarified this interpretation in a letter dated April 23, 2003. Additionally, one of OSHA's Safety and Health Guides recommends that "Additional break periods and meals should be provided when shifts are extended past normal work periods."

Even though giving rest or meal breaks is not required under Federal law and the laws in most states, many employers do so anyway in accordance with industry (and OSHA) standards. Industry-standard breaks typically range from 5 to 30 minutes each.
In California, that is illegal. If you work over 6 hours you have to get a half hour lunch break somewhere in the middle.
Depends on the laws in your city and state and whether the employer is also subject to federal workplace laws - I'd begin by calling the reference desk at the local public library to inquire about workplace laws and just which city agency publishes brochures regarding them.
if you work for 4 or more hours you deserve a 15 minute break for a 4 hour shift and anything over that you can get either a half hour break or 2 15 min. break.
It depends upon the state you live in, but it's likely illegal, yes. You may want to check your state department of labor's website. It should have any relevant laws listed.
In California you get a 15 minute break every four hours. Also you have to get a 30 minute meal break by the fifth hour unless you finish your day in six hours then you can waive your meal period. If you work more than six hours you must take a 30 minute meal period.
A person must work 6 hours or more to get an unpaid 30 minute lunch break. And she can get the break dispite if the boss takes a break. If you work at least 4 hours the person gets a PAID 15 minute break as required by law. She needs to look up the federal work laws and bring a copy in to her boss and tell him exactly where to shove his rules.

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