If someone is parks in YOUR driveway??

My neighbor parks in my driveway ALL the time without my permission and I want to egg his car or throw mud all over it, but I don't want to be legally responsible for anything. Since the car is on my property can I do whatever I want with it?!?
(I've called a tow truck before, but as soon as the tow truck pulls up, my neighbor runs out and moves his car - LAME!)
Answer:   Park a car blocking him in your driveway on Friday afternoon, make sure he has no way to get his car out without you moving yours.
Go stay with a friend for a few days, make sure to take Monday off so he misses work.
If he touches or moves your vehicle in any way, sue, sue, sue.
next time park in front and block the drive way,

or get a metal chain across the drive way
It's going to get ugly.

What you can do is to take them to court and get an injunction, ordering them to stop parking in your driveway.

Once you have that, the next time they park in the driveway, call the police FIRST.

Once the police arrive and know of the injunction, he won't have the opportunity to move it before the tow truck arrives.
call the police and let them call the tow truck,,
Why dont you just ask them not to park there.
Since the car is on your property, you can do anything you want with it. It just isn't nice. lol. Try calling the police, they get there a lot faster than a tow truck, and they can ticket the person. My neighbors do that too. If they have a party, they'll tell their guests to park in our driveway. My brother egged a car once, but he wasn't held responsible because the care was trespassing on our property. It was the last time that happened.
I would call the police and ask that he be ticketed for parking in an illegal spot. . .you may want to post a no trespassing sign just to further cover your butt.
If you have already asked your neighbor to not park in your driveway you could possibly call the police and have him charged with trespassing. Calling a tow truck does no good as you see, he never has his car towed. A good warning from the police might stop this action.
Put nails on your driveway, when you're not going to need it.
If you harm his car -- egging or throwing mud on it -- then you re guilty of trespass (the legal term for harming property).

Your legal recourse is to have the car towed away. Or you can block your driveway, preventing the neighbor from moving the car. You have full rights to put anything you want in your driveway, including surrounding their car with cement blocks -- as long as all the cement blocks are placed on your property.

But you cannot retaliate against the car.
first talk to your neighbor about it,if that does no good. block the car in,call the police and say someone abandoned it in your driveway.
Can you put a Chain or gate across it so he can't park there?
Have you called the Police out and asked them to talk to him?

You are smart not to egg/mud his car.
My wife's name is Barbie and she IS a hillbilly.That car wouldn't last 10 minutes in our driveway.Go over there and tell that schmuck to get his junk off of your property before you kick his ***.
Just call the cops and have it towed. Why don't you tell him to stop first and then if he continues tow it away at his expense. Its your property he has no right to park there.
Get your hubby to pee into the radiator.

It smells aweful when the car warms up, and the smell won't go away until you drive through rain.
Contact your local police department (or if your town is too small, sheriff's department) and get their advice. They obviously won't suggest anything that would break the law or get you in trouble.

Have you tried talking to your neighbor? I think the tow truck is a good idea too, but only after you've talked to them.
It sounds like u want to get even just as much as you want him to stop parking in your driveway. Leave some nails or something of the sort (sharp, but not easily visible) in the driveway. When he runs it over and gets flat he'll get the idea and you can't be held responsible because u can put whatever you want in your driveway..it's yours.
put up a sign, "Authorized Parking Only. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at vehicle owners expense."
You can call the police so it's documented. We have a narrow drive way too with clearly marked red areas so we can get out. Still people block us in so we just call the the police to have their cars towed. Warn him that if he parks in your driveway again your not responsible so anything happen to it. let the air out if his tires so next time you have it towed he can't move it at the last minute.
Call the police and let them have it towed.
Boy your neighbor sure has alot of nerve. I would ask him/her why they keep doing this. Then if they continue parking in your driveway I would call the cops each and every time they parked in your driveway. I would also ask the cop what else you could do about it if they continue after the cops have left.
I would buy a boot for the front tire and boot his vehicle. When he comes out inform him that parking fees are due for the price of the boot (usually about $250) and the next time he parks in your space the fee will be $500. Block his vehicle from leaving until he pays. Of course he will call the police at this point which is good. It will give you the opportunity to press charges on him for trespassing.
I would start by asking him to stop. If that doesn't work using your laser printer print up parking and put them under the windshield, if that doesn't work go with the cinderblocks or other sadistic measures already suggested.

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