I need to verify someone's academic and work history?

I have a couple of bios and i suspect they are trumped up, however i am not a prospective employer. What excuse do I use to call the university and check on his title and credentials? Can I get the person's application for federal employment via FOIA?

Usually, for someone to obtain school records on someone else you have to have them sign a release of information for those records. Federal employment is not covered by the FOIA and again you would need a signed release if you want anymore inforation other than yes or no they were not employed here and yes or no we would or would not rehire.
The education is a matter of record and public information. Just call the school. As far as their federal employment application that is private and you have no rights to it unless you are a prospective employer.
No. The Freedom of Information Act applies to records that are old, and privacy concerns will prevent the university from discussing former students without their permission. If you are not a prospective employer, then what IS your interest in whether this person's "bios" are accurate or not? If you have a valid reason to check, then ask the person's permission to speak with someone at the university. That should clear it up.

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