Can someone publish a picture of me on a website WITHOUT my permission.?

We were on a work educational and group photos were taken; they have been subsequently published on a public website.

That depends on two key details. You are free to publish anybody else's photo without his/her consent as long as:

1) You have the copyright to the photo, i.e. either you took the picture with a camera yourself, or have permission from the photographer who took it. Contrary to popular belief, here in the U.S. (though not in some other countries) the copyright to a picture belongs to the photographer, NOT to the subject who's in the photo.


2) No profit is directly being made from it, i.e. if you were just publishing the photo on a personal homepage or some other medium that isn't of a commercial nature. If you were to let's say, publish his/her photo in a book and sell it, then the person in the photo would have a right to sue for royalties.
I beleive that they can publish them without your permision if you are in the background and are not the main feature.

If you are the main feature they must have your permission.
Theyre meant to get you to sign release forms or contracts.
Not trying to be nasty with your question, but if they aren't nude pics, whats the big deal?
there not supposed to, but yeah it happens all the time
Unfortuately, employers know that employees want their jobs more than their right to getting permission for the photos. Technically, they are supposed to get your permission, but they know that you or noone else will make a big stink about them.
No, I don't think you can without permission from the person in the picture.
If they are not gaining any profit for the photos, then the answer is a resounding YES.
the main reason your complaint will not stand up in court is that the first thing their solicitors will do is show this website with your picture as proof that you dont mind your photo being on the internet !!
A warning!

Do not, under any circumstances, take pictures of a child without the parent's permission.

The risks you run are fairly obvious.

You have been warned.
I read through all of the responses HOPING to see one that was correct. But, like all wive's tales, this one has continued to be reported falsely.

ANYONE in a public place where there is no expectation of prvacy may have their photo taken without permission and that photo can be used either privately or commercially, again, without permission of the subject of the photo.

The key here is NOT money or use but where the photo was taken and if an expectation of privacy existed. Since you said the photos were taken it implies you had knowledge of the fact and gave implied consent. Therefore, you fail in the expectation of privacy rule and the taker of the photo may use it in any fashion they like.
Why would you object?
Hexeliebe's answer sounds interesting, but what would happen if you copyrighted your image ... could that be a way around? don't know

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