Unfair rules of the company I work for?

I am writing regarding the unreasonable rules and regulations of the company I work for .

I have been working at this facility for almost a year now, and their questionable practices are quite unfair. As an example, if an employee request a day off or vacation time, it has to be turned in the 15th day of the months prior the following request month. Most places ask for two weeks which is reasonable and fair.

Recently, I request a day off on May 29, 2007 for June 11, 2007 it was denied because request has to be turn in the 15th. Then, I requested a day off on June 22, 2007 for July 27, 2007 and was again denied. This is a full 35 days prior to my request, yet they still deny my request and add the threat of suspending me for three days without pay if I take this day off.
This is one of many unfair practices the company I work for and is putting on their employees; and an investigation into these complaints should be in order. Who can I talk to about this matter? Please help!

As long as a company's rules are applied to everyone and do not discriminate against minorities or women or the handicapped, then a company can make any rules they want. You were aware of the rules when you joined them. You can quit any time you want. Unfortunately, that's the way working is. These are very stringent rules and I wouldn't want to work under them. But it seems they are fair. You have to decide if you want to continue working at this company because of them. A corporation is NOT a democracy!
is there a reason you feel technically treated unfairly? It sound to
me that the company is just flat out breaking their own rules. Your next recourse should be to 'GTIW' or get things in writing. You need an actual written reason why you are denied those days off. If this were me , I might call a lawyer for the real rules.
The rules may sound unfair (shame on them) but if you knowingly break them then shame on you. If your example is the worst example of the unfairness then that doesn't seem so bad. In any event, you are employed at will and can quit any time.
Well, it may be unreasonable but those are their rules. So unless you have a good reason for taking a day off that you couldn't request within their timelines, then you shouldn't be asking for it. I don't think they are breaking any laws. Every place has there own rules with regards to time off.
If you signed an At will employment agreement, you are on your own.
Where are you from? Local Departments will be the place to file complaints. And it wouldn't hurt to make the story public
That's NOT unreasonable rules. Next time just take the day off, call in sick. I have worked for companies that required the same notice. If you don't like the rules find a place to work that has a less strict vacation request policy.

Then again, you should be happy that you have a job. The market isn't all that fab right now.
The best thing to do about this is to talk to the human resources and they will be able to give you some advice...I understand that sometimes you don't have a full month to request a day off because things do come up...life happens...can't they understand that...they are being unreasonable and you should talk to someone. The HR number should be located in the breakroom where the rules and regulations of work policies are located...it's a large poster that also has the minumum wage on it. good luck!
Technically they can do that. As a matter of fact no employer is in the obligation of give you a day off for no reason unless this is medical, or due to a court date. It sucks but they can regulate how they grant days off and vacations.

Do what I do when a I used to work for slave masters; lie. Do a no-show and call sick. In your case is too late since you already gave them a hint. Next time don't ask for permission. And start looking for a better place to work, there is no future there,

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