Is spanking illegal?

I just watched the montel show and he said spanking is illegal in all states. Can someone please give me a link to where I can find this in writing? Thank you.
Answer:   no its not. It is actually being pushed as an acceptable form of discipline by several groups. Now in most places it is illegal to do it in public. I know here it is ok to spank your child as long as it isn't done in a public setting and no marks are left.
can i spank you good?
NO...Some nitwit in California was trying to make it illegal...
Of course if you beat your kid, that is another story
I spank my girlfriend and I never got in trouble for it.
Not between consenting adults.
I like to be spanked. :)
Spanking is not illegal. Beating is illegal and there is a difference between the two.
Spanking and beating are two different things.

Some extremists would like you to believe that they are one in the same.

Kids are growing up without bounds or consequences and we wonder WHY kids are getting in more trouble today than in any other time in the past. Tie the parents hands and you get bad/lawless kids.

what the hell is happening to the world!!???
You cannot use a weapon. Weapon being shoe, belt, stick, etc.
Lord, what next?

Yes, it is illegal and considered a form of abuse in many, probably most, states.

No wonder so many of our kids are so rotten these days...

Check with you local prosecutor.

And remember, some folks don't know the difference between a spanking and a beating. That's where the problem is...and why we have these laws now. It's a thin line between abuse and discipline these days.

Good luck.
montel is not the best source of information....his pychic friend ofcourse is the best source....hahahaha

spanking is legal...leaving bruises or using weapons (belt, hanger, shoe) is not.
you know i just watched the same montel show and apparently it is illegal in the 50 states of america but then he had mentioned the contradicting phrase of using a weapon to inflict any pain so i am just as confused as you are.
when it comes to children spanking is not illegal, spanking that leave scars, bruises, marks etc. can be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
i was spanked as a kid and i turned out great. i'm going to spank my kids, just don't spank in anger. if your kid gets you mad send them to their room, cool off, ask the child if he/she knows what they did wrong, and then spank. hold your child after and tell them you love them. i wouldn't spank after 11 or 12. grounding works.

i live in ohio and i don't think spanking is illegal. as long as you don't beat the kid and cause bruises or scars.

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