Can my employer make me stay past my scheduled hours, in NC?

I work for an at-will employer in NC, my schedule states 9:00, they tell me 10 til 9:00 that I need to stay until 9:30-9:45, on a regular basis. If I go to clock out and leave they have a store security guard telling me I need to go back and they lock the employee entrance door. There are some employees that stay until 9:30, but I'm not one of them. I work part-time and go to college and I have to study for school. There are some mother's that have to pick thier child up from the sitter, the manager's don't care, I don't think it's fair, is it legal?

They cannot 'force' or intimidate you into going back to work. They cannot lock you in, either. You are allowed to make your choice about working overtime, and they are allowed to make their choice about whether to fire you or not. Pretty simple concept.
Yes it is legal. If you are over the age of 18 then you can be forced to work overtime a few minutes if they want you to. Find a new job or complain about your hours.
NO, they can fire you but indentured servants went away a long time ago
This sounds like being held a hostage, which would be illegal
in any state!
I am not sure about the labor laws in NC but you can check by calling the labor relations board. (try department of human services or the better business bureau might even be able to help) In some jobs your hours are meant to be flexiable. You might be asked to stay later and leave early (child care is one of these in Ohio) Is there a good reason why you are staying? Check your employee handbook or contract (if you have one) and it might outline hours there. I understand your frustration.
depends on the original agreement striked at the beginning of your employment. but ask your self this! with as much unemployment going on don't you feel wanted or needed as opposed to say less than.
Yes it's legal. I know it's sounds illegal but I checked one time for myself and unless they've changed the labor laws in NC they can actually make you work any hours. Thats what I was told by the Labor Board.
If all they did was tell you to stay late, regardless of how long and how often they did this, then yes, it would be illegal.

HOWEVER, by locking the door they are committing a criminal act.

The next time the security guard locks the door and refuses to allow you to leave, call the police then once out, file a complaint with the state department of labor.
This is not legal in any state. unless they make an announcement about mandatory overtime. I would also check into the legalities of the security guard locking the door after making you go back in. That is against fire safety codes for one as well as many other reasons. This is nothing short of illegal.

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