Does living under grace ( new testment) mean we don't have to worry about obeying God's law anymore?

How does obeying the Mosaic law still fit into the new testament way of life?

Oh, this is a really good question, and I've heard the answer. No, it does not mean we have to worry about obeying God's law anymore. We don't HAVE to obey it, but we SHOULD obey it. If you get saved, you will be saved forever...and if you don't obey God's law, you won't lose your salvation, but you'll be miserable because you'll be living away from God.

Under grace, we live by the principles found in the Old Testament law.

I hope that makes sense to you.
NO it means God will forgive u
living under grace means you do it because you love God and not because you'll get your head cut off if you don't.
Marianne, you are just full of the good questions today.

I used to teach Seventh Day Adventists and they always had the same perplexing question. I finally got tired of explaining it and gave them the study below. I'm sure it will answer this question fully.
read Romans chapter 6 sin will not control your life when You receive Grace your old life died with Christ, any one who died to sin is now made free from sin's control
When I was under the Constantinian Cult of the mainstream denominations, the OT was poo-pooed (at least in practice by lack of reading it & by lack of understanding it). While I have been in recovery from the mainline institutional church, I have been surprised to find out that the OT not only is current canon, but also interesting & relevant. The OT & NT *title pages* are NOT inspired Scripture - rip them out of your Bibles!

You can't understand the NT if you don't understand the OT. The original believers were observant Jews, they were taught by the Master Rabbi who fulfilled the Law (He did not sin). He is the One we should follow. But the majority of ~believers~ follow the traditions of men e.g. Marcion, Constantine & the Popes to name a few - but the Protestant Reformation continued to sanction many of the non-Scriptural practices which the Bible clearly states are abhorrent abominations to God.

In the beginning, God knew the future, before the universe was created. His plan has always been for His Son to be the Redeeming Messiah. In the OT, the faithful had to believe that God would save them by His Grace, because they knew they could not fulfill the Law themselves. When they lived in OT times, they had prophesies that God would send The Anointed One - it was belief that the Christ would come that saved them. When God makes a promise it is as good as done - you don't have to wait for the prophesy to be fulfilled to find out if it will be fulfilled. The OT people had faith in a Savior.

The advantage people have since the Resurrection is that the Messianic prophesies were fulfilled - we get the 'Doubting Thomas' advantage of knowing that God sent His salvation to us. But it doesn't really change God's plan for salvation.

Jesus, the Son of God, the Word, always has been - He was with God before the world was created. The more I read the OT without the Westernized bias of Christianity, the more I see Jesus in the OT! And the more I see that God is unchanging, that His Law is perfect & unchanging, also. Jesus is the Word - He is the author of the OT (& of the Law); He is the Word incarnate & lived the Torah, taught the Torah (He disputed the false aspects of the rabbinical oral law).

All of the covenants in the Bible are given from God TO Israelites, FOR Israelites. The "New Covenant" was prophesied in the OT; the covenant references in the NT are NOT "new" - they are OT Scripture repeated.

What is considered the "Old Covenant" was the Exodus account of God talking to His people at Mt Sinai and writing the Commandments in stone. The Israelites promised to obey God & the verbal law He gave... but before Moses returned with the Tablets, the Israelites had made a golden calf - They broke the Covenant before they got the Law in writing.

Have I mentioned the theology that God doesn't change? The Mosaic law was still given as a guide for the Israelites. It wasn't a matter of if they could keep the laws, the Covenant had already been broken. Their only salvation was that God would make a "New Covenant" [it is much better to think of it as a REnewed Covenant - it didn't obsolete the former covenant] signed in the blood of His Son. It was their faith in that -the prophesied Messiah- which was their hope for eternal life. The SAME as for you & me!

The former covenant was for the people for obey God & His Laws. Humans can't do that. (I don't believe that surprised God.) The REnewed Covenant is for His people to believe in His Son who was the Perfect Passover Lamb sacrifice, who died & rose from the tomb. And His Righteousness will be counted for the faithful on Judgment Day.

The terms of the covenants changed; the Law of God was never changed. The Law which applied to the former covenant also applies to the REnewed Covenant. The faithful who follow the footsteps of the Messiah on the straight & narrow Way will be Torah-observant, just as the Leader was/is. Those who have been polluted by heathen practices of the major Christian churches must overcome their Judeophobia, must be grafted into the root of Israel, and must have a circumcised heart (which, IMHO, will love the Torah - the Law written on your heart). And they must abandon their haughty NT is better than OT theology.

God has always been Merciful to grant His people Grace & eternal life. The OT is the Messiah concealed; the NT is the Messiah revealed... but basically the same message of God's awesome power and offer for eternal life in paradise. But just knowing that God is God & Jesus is the Savior is not sufficient - Satan knows that too - just "knowledge faith" is Gnosticism heresy.

You can't live a worldly lifestyle and be a faithful believer. God's Law is eternal - it rules in heaven. If you don't like living a sanctified lifestyle, you may have a hard time getting into heaven... but then, you probably wouldn't like the heavenly lifestyle, anyway.

You must love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your might, all your being. (This is important enuf to be iterated 10 times in Scripture.) It's not an hour of pew-warming Sunday mornings. 'Sorry' to those who fall for the manmade religion theologies. It's not about blending in with society so the rest of the week no one really knows if you are one of His people, or if you are just a moral person. SoSorry. It is about sticking out like a sore thumb - to live in the world, but not of the world. And it is a journey; to grow & mature; to find out what God's will for you is (in more detail that to love Him & everyone); to be ready to say, "Yes," when you are called to do something in His name.

PS- the 'NT way of life' is NOT the pagan ways of Constantine's changes to the religion he co-opted.
before i go any further i love your answers especially the one about the religious funatics.remember the bible said sin shall not be master over us for we no longer live under law but under grace it simply means we have no excuse to remain in our state of sin it does'nt matter how much we mess up with God there is no condemnation we can always ask for his forgiveness and start afresh and i mean always remember we are like little kids just learning to walk everytime we fall down we pick ourselves up and try again that's how we experience God's grace

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