Who can help oppressed ,financially poor ,abused women?

There is no one in our judicial system here that is "pro woman".
Restraining orders are violated in Port Saint Joe,Florida,even when caught on tape by the police,
with the " good old boys" law enforcement laughingly saying "Oh,The mans just mad because you dumped him"
Judgement "Just don't do that again."
No punishment seems to be enforced..
Too much here to even write about.It seeems the "rule of thumb" might even be acceptable still.
No wonder women here are in such an oppressed state still!
There seems to be no one interested enough to give a dam!!

here is how it works according to them:

-black: you have commit ed a crime at birth

-women: you are inferior to men, you are not valuable.

I think women have no respect here in this country...and not even in other places it make you question "The Land of the Free", well at least I do.
Restraining orders are just pieces of paper. A piece of paper isn't going to keep a man from harassing a woman that he wants to. The only one that can stop that is the woman herself. So instead of trying to rely on that piece of paper to stop a man, how about the woman empowers herself and makes her NOT oppressed and financially poor. No excuses.
oppressive financially rich men.
There are many charities and nonprofits that help women.

When I was 12, my mom was abused by her boyfriend. We all lived in the NEWS program (Napa Emergency Women's Shelter) for a year, and they were an immense amount of help - they were also, unfortunately, full of man-haters and were quite rude to the minor boys who moved in with their moms.
I agree there should be somewhere to turn (women's shelter?) but help starts with the woman herself. I don't know why women stay in relationships of that nature untill things go too far. Get out when you see it comming.
chapter 42 section 1983 of the US Code defines when you can sue the Federal State and Local government for violation of constitutional and natural rights. Granted there may not be much that can be done until the woman is dead but then her kids/parents can sue for failing to protect/enforce a restraining order.
You are only a victim if you choose to be.

Women have to empower themselves. You have to learn to be a fighter and work with the system and for yourself to get justice sometimes.

Firstly yes get a restraining order, get a recorder for your phone. (they are like $8). Record everything. Take it to the police, take it to the DA. If he is harassing you, harass the authorities until they make him stop. Change your phone number, block his email address.

The one thing I find is that women are too forgiving (I am a woman) If you want to severe all ties do it. Do not talk to him, do not try to be friends. To not give him any attention, do not even recognize his threats, outside of having the police knock on his door.

If the police are not doing their jobs, file a complaint against the supervising officer (you can do that).

Sometimes you have to fight.
wic (women infant and children) in the phone book

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