Why should/ should not junk food be banned in schools?

What are 4 specific reasons why or why not junk food should be banned from schools.
Answer:   Should be banned
1) Obesity in kids is getting rediculous.
2) They are getting rid of PE or only having it once a week and that is about the only physical activity some kids have and they cant burn off the calories
3)They should learn to eat healthier when they are young
4) Some kids that is all they eat from schools during breakfast and lunch. And that will hurt them in the long run either by medical problems, or even death
Schools are a place for learning and one of those lessons should be how to choose food that is healthy.
Schools should not be in the business of selling unhealthy food.
Sorry I can only get two, will edit if I think of any more.
It should be banned because it does not provide the nutritional support requied for children's proper development, junk foods are metabolized quickly, making the chldren crash and become lethargic later on in the day (sleepiness is not good for learning), it promotes poor eating habits which translate ot obesity, diabetes, and other health problems--which cost taxpayers and insurance premium payers plenty, and fourth, they do not support the local economies of the communities--if the schools bought local produce, etc, they'd support both their children with good nutrition and the local ecomony by giving business to local farmers...

Chips and candies should be special treats--not something to eat on a daily basis.
Should not:
1.Junk food has been in schools for over 30 years with no "damage"done to the rest of us older folks.
2.Government does not need to policing what we eat,its just down right absurd.What will be next?Policing what we eat in the privacy of our homes?They have already suceeded in policing smoking in the privacy of our homes in some states.
3.Kids are lazy these days because we have made them that way.Kids dont "play"any more because we have the play ground police that has stopped kids from playing cops and robbers,cowboys and indians,dodge ball and just about any other games as they are not politcally correct.We have the govt to blame for that.
4.Still somewhat pertaining to 3,kids dont play outside at home any more,they have too many video games and computer games and they just don't play outside anymore which is why we have fat kids.

Political correctness is destroying our country.It is not up to the government to do what the parents should be doing.
High numbers of obese kids
growing number of diseases related to obesity
kids are out of shape
bad for your skin
It should not be banned because we are Americans and we should be free to do what we want with our own lives. It is not out government's job to force our kids to eat one way or another, nor is it thier fault if parents refuse to care about thier children''s health. Healthy choices should be avaliable as well, but banning popular products because of complaints of bad parents is crossing the line.

so here goes:

1. infringes on the freedom of kids to eat what they or thier parents want them to.
2. The government would be assuming some of the parent's responsibility. This could lead to more government restrictions and censorship in schools.
3. It interferes with the free market. These foods are in supply because there is demand for them. Messing with the market economy should be kept to a minimum.
4. It will not solve the problem of child obesity. The same parents who can't pack thier kids a healthy lunch are still in charge at home.
Not in my school!
Junk foods should be banned because
1- Lack of parental control on foods chosen - many parents do not allow junk food in their homes
2- Nutrition - teaching good nutrition teaches life long habits of good eating
3- Obesity - wasted extra calories cause huge weight gains & future health problems & higher insurance
4- Last but not least is the marketing by schools. Schools & activity groups use the sale of useless calorie snacks to fund their projects the school boards do not pay for. Our kids health is not for sale due to their greed.
A school acts in loco parentis - in place of your parents. Therefore they have a duty of care, one element of which is to look out for your health. Junk food is called 'junk' for a reason - it doesn't provide any healthy nutrition, and can lead to early onset diabetes, life long obesity, and many other health problems.

Yes, as the authority responsible for a minor, schools should ban junk food. However, since many of them receive funding from companies like Pepsi as a bribe to keep their products on display, don't expect anything to change real soon.
There are many acceptable reasons for not allowing junk food in schools. And for those of you asking for the government to stay out of your schools how do you expect the schools to get money to function properly.

reasons for banning junk food in schools

1. Children need to be feel a heath well balanced diet in order to proper stimulate growth mentally as well as physically. To much sugars and fats slow down the body's metabolism leading to lethargic uninterested children.

2. The only reasons schools are introducing junk food it the junk food companies pay out big bucks to School Districts to allow them the opportunity to market the younger generations.

3. Junk food is just that junk. In an age when Americas are literally the fattest people on earth and it keeps getting worse something needs to be done. To the hell with big business and capitalism lets make sure are kids are not fat asses at school.

4. The is no justifiable reason why junk food should be allowed. Nothing, no argument for the allowing of junk food in schools is valid.
Should not be banned, it is not a responsibility of schools, parents are responsible of teaching and showing what should and what shouldn't be eaten, older generations had the same junk food but they were more warned and educated about this issue, If everybody stops consuming junk food, then there will be no more to buy. Anyway, schools are not the only places where you can buy junk food.

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