Procedures of suing someone who assaulted me by hitting me in the face? Need Legal Advice...Help!?

I was in a bar minding my own business, when a drunk guy started talking to me and asked if he can buy me a drink...cut the story short i respectedly turned him down and in return he started calling me a B*@ch. I repeatedly asked him to leave me alone but insisted on talking to me.. he was so intoxicated that he was already pushing me against the bar. Upon that incident, i got really upset so threw my drink at him on his shirt and the next thing i know i was on the floor with a busted lip while he tried to flee and leave the bar. Bouncers were able to catch him and police were able to arrest him. My question is what can expect in suing the guy who assaulted me? What can i get besides the financial burden that I'm dealing from all the medical expenses that I got. what are the procedures and what else can i get from him besides the medical expenses that i have to pay? Can I get paid for injuries he had inflicted on me and can i get paid for the loss time of work because of my injuries?

YOU started it and escalated it by throwing your drink at him. You will lose the suit. Trust me. He react to your reaction and you paid for it.
Yes. Hire an attorney. You can sue the person who hit you for any amount you wish. You can also sue the bar for lack of property security and for allowing the man to get visibly intoxicated. You can try to see if they can refer you to an attorney in your area.
I would also look into filing a law suit against the bar for not doing something while that guy pinned you up against the bar.
You came out of this with only a busted lip and you want to sue? You're 50% responsible for what happened. Instead of leaving or getting away from the guy you threw a drink in his face, a guy that you acknowledge as being extremely intoxicated.
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Good luck

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