is sleeping with your ex-sister-in-law wrong?

I don't think I could sleep with my brother in law even if he was an ex....but I see no problem with it if it doesn't bother you, her or your brother. Good luck! :)
Not if she is a consenting adult
no,shes just another person.hey eric what if she was fat??
As long as she isn't fat.
it depends on how close you were to her family, and how long ago the divorce was. If you barely knew your wifes family (cousins,aunts,uncles ect.) and the divorce was at the very least 8 months ago, then I say go for it. She'll get in trouble with your Ex. Not you.
I suppose that if you and her are comfortable with doing it then why should it be. And if anyone else objects well **** them. "It's only wrong if you get caught" Personally I would probably do it.
Well, there's no blood relation, but still... It's not the type of thing you should brag about. :-\
Throughout history, it's been common for a brother of a deceased man to marry the widow left behind. It seems natural that people would become very familiar with each other to the point of falling in love and if you are not actually blood-relatives, it would be normal to develop a sexual relationship. But - I hope the question you're really asking is "Is being in love with your ex sister-in-law wrong?" because sex is about love.
I would say it depends on weather your relationship with her before she became an ex. as well as the relationship you wish to have with the family
its ok if you want to be archie bunker and keep it ALL IN THE FAMILY
Your brother will be sooooooo upset with you. Stop it if you care...
no it is not wrong
YOU KNOW it is absolutely wrong. You shouldn't just out of respect for your sibling! What a Jerry Springer World We live in and it's not cute. Forget whatever religion you believe whatever happened to just good ol' plain RIGHT AND WRONG.

There is plenty of free *ss roaming around find someone else to be with that won't create drama.
I don't think that it is wrong. For example, my grandparents got a divorce and my great uncle died (my grandmothers' brother) and left his wife a widow. Years after my grandfather started seeing my great aunt (by marriage). Later they got married. They make each other very happy. My grandmother is happy for him. As she puts it "As long as she makes you happy then I am happy for you."

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