What was the legal drinking age in the 1960s?

i believe there was none
It was 18 was I was a teen in the 70s, except in Wisconsin where I could drink at a bar when I was 12 as long as my father was with.
I think
or maybe 17
18 same as now
Where? In the UK it was 18 and still is.
Drinking for the most part is unenforceable. If someone wants to drink, they can get it, or have someone get it for them.
12yrs for spirits but 14yrs for beer
I think the legal drinking age now was brought in in the late 60s.
It varied widely by state. By and large, the age was 18. Towards the 70's/80's the federal government made a big push to move it to the 21 mark, and held the states hostage with federal funding, and viola! you now have to be 21 to drink.
If i remember right it keep going back and forth from 18 - 21.
It varied from state to state. In some states, the drinking age was 18 – 19, while in others it was 21 just like it is today.

During the early to mid 1980s, I was in the military. In North Carolina, the drinking age for beer was 19, but to drink liquor you had to be 21. In my home state the drinking age was 21 as far back as the 1950s. I’ve heard people that are ten years older than me talk about going to Maryland and New York to drink because it was only 18 – 19 there. I live in Pennsylvania; it’s been 21 for at least four decades.

All this changed in the mid to late 1980s. The federal government became more intrusive and this time they had a way to make states do what they want. It’s called federal highway money. By this time 23 states had a minimum drinking age of 21, the remaining 27 states were told that they didn’t know what was right and that they didn’t know how to regulate their populations. The federal government told the remaining 27 states that if they didn’t change their minimum drinking law to 21, they’d not be receiving any federal highway money. Overnight all 50 states complied. The feds have been doing this for a couple of decades now. It’s commonplace today. “If you don’t pass this bill, no federal highway money.” This is the reason why we have so many ignorant and intrusive laws on the books today. The states may no longer govern themselves.
21 for liquor and 6% beer..18 for 3.2% beer
In the UK it was exactly the same as now 18years to purchase except with a meal in which case it is 16years for certain drinks not including spirits.That is for purchasing alcohol ,actually drinking it in ones home for instance it is over 5 years old.
It was 18.
And why are all these Yanks butting in on our questions?

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