how do you get a son-in-law to quit being a royal jerk?

he is triing to keep the family from having contact with my daughter he expects her to be just like him

take him out to the garage and tie him up and electricute him (with small volt shocks, c'mon we're not animals) and condition him to think how you want him to think. works everytime. sometimes you have to be bold in your strategies.
tell him that he is and maybe just maybe he will stop
get him a hooker when your daughter is out of the house, but returning shortly. Game over.
send him a hooker and get it on record somehow. THEN, tell him to pipe the f down. He probably will be disappearing soon after. He sounds like a real control freak.
if you daughter allows it.. there is nothing that you can do about it that is Legal anyways!
Tell them that you ARE coming over to visit. Come up with some excuse....I'm not sure how far away you are. Show up as much as possible. Get back into her life. Plan some family outings.....go out to dinner.....something, anything to see her.
It sounds like he has the potential to be abusive. You should step in anyway you can.
Looks like your daughter needs to stand up for herself if she wants to be around y'all.
Frying pan up side the head. If this doesn't work, repeat with more force. sooner or later he will get it.
Being direct and telling him he's acting like a jerk would certainly surprise him, and would probably make you feel much better. Let him know, you know what he's trying to do. At least he'll know you're not an idiot or afraid to face him with the way you see things.
Not much you can do, it's her life. I would just tell her that you love her unconditionally and that you will always be there for her and hopefully she will get through what ever she is going through. One other thing I might add is when you do talk to her make sure you cut down her husband right to her face, you have to remember that she does love this guy and that would only push her farther away...good luck!
tell him you dont like the way he is a firm and slow way as to make him feel that you think he's stupid just make long pauses between words!
you didn't say this persons age, It could be a maturity issue or a in-sucirity problem
be a royal b**** to him or just say 2 him got lost and be a royal jerk some where else
Well now here's what you do...get the whole family together,everyone make a dish,pick a time and place to leave from. Meet at that place then everyone goes to your daughters house. When your son-in-law says "what's going on?' all of you reply we came to see-----.Start putting the food on the table, counter tops and enjoy the day with your daughter! If he says he'll call the police let him... don't interfere while he explains why you are all there. Wait for the police to ask you... everyone in the family will have the same answer "THEY DIDN'T COME TO SEE HIM THEY CAME TO SEE HER" therefore she will also have a say in weather you have to leave or not. However be prepared for him to be angry with all of you!
Give him a royal kick in the *ss!
Ok, heres that answer you are looking for.

About a 1 year ago this happened. After years of poor treatment from her MIL I could not handle it anymore. my husband would hear me say that my MIL treated me like crap and said bad things to me when he was not around. She would call me B****. He wouldsay things like unless I am there I can not do anything about it. She wa smart enough not to do it around any of the otherfamily memebers. She actually did once say something in front of a friend of mine once and she went off on her so that put and end to her doing any it in front of anyone. So Christmastime came we were going to have Christmas at our home since it was hte first one we had with our child. They never called to say they were not coming and I called them to let ask them to pick up pop. She said that she had the flu. My husband was so upset and so was I. I had prepared a big dinner and it all went to waste. At 600am thenext morning my FIL showed up with the presents for my son. Nothing at all for my husband. I pakced up the presents we had for them and gave him the gifts. I thanked him for the gifts and he left shortly there after he was there about 10 minutes. 2 wks went by and my MIL called my husband saying to my husband that she was mad since I did not call her and say thank you for the gifts. My husband said she did say Thank you to Dad. She then got rude saying very unkind things about my family. People who have done nothing to her but treat her son like a king. We both at this point had enough. Hte following weekend they showed up at our door. they had more gifts in hand. I went out on the deck and advised them that they were not welcome here. We talked to our Pastor and a therapist. They both told us until your parents and inlaws realize that they can not treat their children this way we are n ot to have contact with them. At least once a month she would call the house and leave messages like called me unless Molly will not let you, then she treatened to call my family and tell them. Which would havebeen fine since I know they could care less. We moved over 500 miles from them. We finally talked again. My FIL asked me to tell him what happened I advised him of the poor treatment that I was receieving throught out the years. He apoligized for her.
Since then he has treated me with the utmost respect and she continues with her zingers. I actually helped them buy a house and other things loaned them money and what not. Myy husband said he was very proud of me for the way I treat them.
Tomorrow my MIL has to work and we are holding dinner for her and having 2 egg hunts so she can see our son find the eggs and have dinner with the family.
I will not let her treat me like crap any more. i have tried yelling and screaming and keeping my child from her and nothing helps so i have found killing her with kindness is the only way to go. I will not speak to her unless she speaks to me. I do not tell her that we are having 2 hunts for her I tell her sons and husband so they all know what I an also trying to do. If I try everything to make a difference then they can not say I did not. Eventually they will see it is her and not me.
They reason why I told you this long story is because I would love to know more of what is going on just saying he is royal jerk does not help me if you get my point.
So if you want to show your daughter what a jerk he is Kill him with Kindness and if he dos noto change your daughter will see how he is and that you at least tried to make it work. She will stand up for herself after a while. Trust me I had to.
If you want to email me at I would be happy to listen/read if there is anything you were not able to mention in your question.
The problem may lie in your relationship with your daughter. There is a reason she doesn't want to have contact with you. It is easier to blame her husband than it is to think that you and your daughter have problems. You should talk with her and quit blaming everything on her husband (maybe that's her problem with you.)

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