Is it illegal to read or write erotic stories or cartoons containing children ?

I was just confused after reading a news report about Chris Langham saying he also had, on his computer fictional stories about children having sex and 3D cartoon images of the same. where does the law draw the line in the UK

In the UK it is the court that draws the line in other words if the judges decide something is obscene than it is.It is not illegal but unwise to read but a different thing to write or produce images if others are going to see it.
It is in the usa,it is considered child pron
Well, if it's not, it should be!!
not sure but i think it is legal in the US. there was a supreme court case about it in the last 5 or 6 years. that cartoon images of children is ok.
I don't know specifics here, but I do work at an adult company and as far as I know (in the US) it is not illegal to write or draw anything concerning children, rape, incest, and/or bestiality.

If he had these things in addition to images of child pornography it would probably just stack up as evidence to prove that he has an obvious attraction to these things. As in, he has an entire collection of work featuring this type of material versus a single picture.
I'm sorry but that just sounds sick to me ! very sick!

Id hope it was illegal in the UK, cartoon or not id consider it child porn which is very illegal.
Don't care if its illegal cos its imoral and perverted and if the courts don't want to dish out justice to nonces I'd be prepared to dish it out..Old Style Baseball/Cricket bat
im not sure on the law, but why any sicko would WANT to read erotic stories or look at pictures containing children is beyond me.
this is from US based firm but ...

Material which violates United States law

Our servers are located in the United States, and so that means that LiveJournal is subject to United States law. This particular item in our policy covers content that inherently violates specific United States criminal statutes. (That is, the material itself is against the law.)

This includes threats of physical harm against the President or other executive officers, child pornography (photos or videos), or other material -- including drawings and text -- that explicitly depicts minors under the age of 18 (real or not) in a graphic sexual context. Or, in other words: Romeo and Juliet is okay. Teens talking about their experiences with sex is okay. Smut focused on a twelve year old is not okay.

These laws aren't unique to LiveJournal or even the Internet -- all media and publications in the United States are subject to them, and so we need to make sure that stuff on LJ doesn't violate these laws.
It is considred child porn and literature, and is against the law, should you download it to your system and forward it, then you are a trafficker of child porn, and although you can delete items from your computer do take care as nothing is ever truly "erased" from a computer and such writings and art is often tracked by authorities and is sting "material"..

So in other words if you (generally speaking) need kiddi visual and readings to get the jolly that your unaible to obtain in a healthy adult relationship witha grown woman/man, then you need to seak medical psychological help immediately. Children are innocent and therefore helpless.
Nope, it's not illegal to write erotic stories featuring minors. have you SEEN the internet fandom of Harry Potter? jaysus! Snape/Harry is a very popular relationship on the interweb.

Also cartoon images are not illegal... graphic anime features characters who, to all intents and purposes, are children (large eyes, body proportions that of a child) in adult, sometime VERY adult, situations.

These things arent illegal because they are art. art, as well as being subjective to the veiwer, can't be so easilly classified. An artist could say that drawing characters in a childlike way is their style. fiction is just that: fiction. you can't make somebody's imagination illegal. In the same vein, a person having a sexual fantasy about a child is not illegal. if a person acts on these fantasies then they are subject to the law.
It is not illegal in the US -- the line is is drawn if the images are of actual children, not computer animation or adults that look like children

I don't know the UK laws
No, it is at least not federally illegal to contain "drawn" or "animated" sequences depicting child pornography. There was a supreme court ruling which essentially was paraphrased by one of the justices (I can't remember which) as stating, "we couldn't put a ban on drawings because it may be used for education." Given the volatility of the subject, its obviously socially frowned upon and it could be used in collaboration with other evidence to paint you in a darker light.

--- Two reasons it shouldn't really matter, 1) unlike real child porn there is no victim, 2) it can be used to tell very important and critical plots in a story that can't otherwise be stated.

I say these two things because everyone knows that a child that is raped or molested or abused begins to develop a serious cycle of problems always psychologically and sometimes physically.
Well, ever read "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann?! We were forced to read it in school. And if a book that only talks about a middle-aged man fancying a 14 year old boy, describing erotic fantasies all the time, if this is not porn, I don't know.. It is considered as classic literature..

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