Why are car dealerships in Illinois closed on sunday, is it actually a law, and if so why?


As far as I can tell, it is law, with two rationales given.

The first is that it is a hold-over "blue law", which
traditionally restrict shopping hours to accomodate
Christian Sunday worship. There is a corollary to this
in that it is "family friendly" to businessmen because
it lets them spend Sunday with their families. See
ref #1 and #2.

Another argument is that it helps support small businessmen.
The idea is that this inconvenience might cause some
people to postpone their purchase, but it probably wouldn't
cause them to cancel it. Therefore, the theory is that
it won't actually cost the small businessmen any sales;
however, it *will* allow them to save expenses by not
having to pay salaries for that day.

See comment/posting in ref #3.
ya it is called blue law or sunday blue law, which was orignally formed so that everybody worships god, its very funny though, as once i argued with my law professor regarding this and he said sunday was prohibited for car sales as it was an item above 500 dollars and anything above 500 dollars required signing a contract. so he gave me some explanation like that and i argued that well
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