I was told it's illegal to take a stamp you have stuck on an envelope, but not sent, and put it on a new one?

Is this true? If so, why in the world does it make any difference? Like if I made out a postcard and messed up on the address, pulled it off, then glued it to a new postcard, why would that be illegal?
Not that it would stop me, but I'm just curious as to if there's any truth to it.

An uncancelled stamp is perfectly legal to use. Why wouldn't it be. You're not altering a stamp that hasn't been sent thru the mail and cancelled.
Bad advice, ignore it and use your stamps.
No, I don't think it's illegal. But a lot of times if you try to pull it off it will tear and you won't get all of it, and then trying to use a partial stamp will not work (it's not illegal, but your letter won't get through). But if you can pull it off intact, there's nothing wrong with it.
It is acceptable to do as you have suggested,provided of course you are not using a stamp that arrived on a letter sent to you and missed the franking machine.That is fraud and perhaps you have that in mind.
Not heard of that one, but I suppose if you were to tear the stamp it is technically illegal as it is defacing the Queen. Crushing/cutting or otherwise destroying British currency is also illegal for the same reason, and apparently so is putting the stamp on an envelope upside down (disrespectful maybe?)

I don't suppose you'd be prosecuted for any of those things though.

I do wonder what response you'd get if you dialled 999 to report an incidence of "removing a stamp from an envelope" lol
It's illegal to REUSE a stamp, but if it has never been used to begin with, there is no problem. People use chemicals to wash the cancellation ink off of the stamps, and those people are committing crimes because their intent is to defraud the post office of revenue. That is hardly your intent at all!
Well, U were told a lie
because theres nop proof it didnt get used and didnt get marked by the machine
you are atypical of modern kiddies
if someone took a mouthfull of your drink and then it was sold to you, youd ***** til the cows c ame home, whats the differance
people need to earn a living
get used to it and play the game not be a pikey
As far as I am concerned if you remove a stamp you were going to use and glue it elsewhere it hasn't done it's job it were bought for. If you take a stamp that isn't completely franked and reuse that one, then that would be fraud as it has already been used for the job it was bought for and you are trying to use it twice. Franking shows it has been through the postal network.

So until it's been franked, I say it is okay to remove and stick it where you like with Pritstick.
Stamp is legally OK till it is franked.
If you got a letter with unfranked stamp you could use it again but get real ,, steaming it off costs more than stamp ... usually
well, once my sister went in to the post office and confessed to the woman that she had done it. And the woman looked at her and said, well, honey, we'll let it go this time.
no, its not allowed to be a franked stamp...

years ago when i was a kid I had a pen friend & we couldnt afford a stamp every week so we put about 5 layers of selotape over it & when you received it you just pealed 1 layer of tape away which also had the frank on it, thus leaving a new stamp to use...

not that i could be bothered with that now lol
Of course not, if you put a coin in a telephone box, then change your mind and recoup it, where is the problem?. You have only to pay for goods provided, not for goods you did not buy or have. There are lots of companies who would like to try it on, but what would they use as evidence in court. 'The person did not need what was on offer, so they put their money back in their pocket' It is a way of life, and usual business practise, I.e. you do not have, you do not pay. Simple enough?.I hope this helps.
If this was actually illegal ;which it is not, who would know you removed a stamp and stuck it on another letter. As long as the stamp is uncancelled (franked) it is good. All you need is the glue.
As long as stamp has not been used you can send it...
If you can get the stamp of intact I cant see how a machine could tell the difference as in sorting rooms now people dont see the mail other than as it flashes by at 100 miles per hour
apparently its illegal if youve already posted the letter with the stamp on it but its never stopped me from doing it when ive received letters that havent been franked!!

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