What percent Black do you have to be to be considered African-American?

Is there a legal definition?

Check out these websites I think that you will find them to be very informative. I found them by going to Yahoo and typing in one drop rule.
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One-drop rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The one-drop rule is a historical colloquial term in the United States that ... However, the one-drop rule was made law as early as 1705 in Virginia. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-d... -

Front line: Jefferson's blood: mixed race America: who is black? one ...
... present the usual statement of the one-drop rule is in terms of "black blood" or ... The one-drop rule has long been taken for granted throughout the ...www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/fron... -

One Drop Rule FAQS
Is the one-drop rule still the unwritten custom in the United States? How many Americans could potentially be affected by the one-drop rule? Is "race" real? ...onedroprule.org/faqs.htm -
yes if you got a brillo head your a bro
It used to be a drop.

Now.everybody acknowledges all of their ancestry.and that's how it should be.
I think in the old days, it was officially, 1/18. It was to make sure all blacks (even mixed blacks, since there were many) would be unable to legally assert any rights that white men had.
Are you we talking halfricans here? If so, self identification is the primary factor after appearance. Hence say someone is mixed and can theoretically pass for either. What they consider themselves is the tie-breaker. Fact.
I don't think there IS a legal deffinition... So maybe it depends on how racist you are- on either side of the issue. Personally- I could care LESS. A green american can be JUST as patriotic as an orange one- as long as he/she isn't bad mouthing the existance of the purple ones! :) We're ALL one COUNTRY- & when the "Going gets tough"- then we ALL Unite into ONE America. :)
None. There are white African-Americans. There are millions of white people that are Africans that live in South Africa. If they come here a gain citizenship they are considered African-Americans.

The term African-American is a politically correct term that really means nothing. There are black Americans that could be Hatian, Jamaican, or Domincan. Those are people of African descent as well. They are no more African than the black people that are in the U.S. So why do we call black people (descendants of slaves) African-american? Whatever.

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