Can a company legally not hire you based on the fact that you have a bankruptcy on your credit report?

I have applied for jobs that say that they pull a consumer credit report on you. I have recently had a Chapter 7 discharge of debt. Can a company legally use this as a reason to not hire me?

Yes. Many companies use credit reports as part of the hiring process. Sometimes they will consider a statement from you about what happened while making the final decision.
Yes, they can not hire you for any reason they choose. Some states may differ on this, so without knowing which state, I can't be more clear.
yep, next question.
yes...the federal govt. does the same thing
yes they can if it's the company policy for everyone. and yea you can not get a job as an accountant or anything related to finance
Yes they can. Its statistically proven that persons with debt problems are more likely to steal from the company or do outside work that is forbidden, either doing sidework without the company gaining the profits or moonlighting which will generally lead to absence issues.
Yeah, it's not illegal to not hire you if they think you're irresponsible with funds (whether you are or not... sh1t happens to people, the best thing to do is explain to them right off that you did the Chapter 7)
Most jobs that deal with sales, stocks, or money in some form or another can deny you based on your credit. The idea of it is that you are in desperate straits and even if you are very trustworthy person, the chances of you embezzling money from the company is higher in their eyes. Many manufacturing and physical labor jobs not at a supervisory level (which most have a company credit card or expense acct) will hire you. You need to explain your reason for chapter 7 due to it being medical and job loss or natural disaster and just could not keep up the payments. Have a reiterate disclosure about your bankruptcy explaining the circumstances and they may over look your indiscretions if they are legitamate. I am sorry that you had to go through that and hope that you will have it paid off and get back on track.
Good luck and God bless.
I would think so. The law only says that race, religion, sex, and age, if I am not mistaken can be fought if you think you have been discriminated against. If they can not hire you because you have young children I don't see why they can't if you have gone bankrupt.

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