How much money to put in a card for funeral?

You don't have to put money in the card
I don't think you need to put in any money at all.
Money is not given at funerals.
This is the first time I've heard of that. Since it is not a celebratory event, no money is in order.
None. But sometimes the family sets up an account at a bank to help with funeral costs if the family is having a hard time paying for it and would like assistance from their family and friends. That makes it annonymous and you don't have to worry about weird akward money issues at a difficult time.
You don't need to give money at funerals. Usually protocol states you either have flowers sent to the family. Or make a donation in the decedents name. Although even that is not necessary.
It is common to give money at a funeral I don't know why no one seems to have heard of this. People often give money at a funeral to help loved ones pay for funeral expenses. My father recently passed away 06/06/07. Majority of the people that attended left money for my Mother in a card. The range was typically $20 to $100. Hope this helps.
Giving money at a funeral is considered tacky. Call the funeral home. Sometimes the family will set up a way for you to donate money to the funeral fund, to their family's church, or a charity of their choice in lieu of flowers.

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