In Illinois, what is a "body attachment"?

I see someone was arrested on two "body attachments" in Illinois. What does that mean?

What an odd phrase! In Illinois law it means arrest for failure to pay child support. I'm not licensed to practice law in Illinois so I googled your question to get the answer.
A legal term meaning they can be picked up by a bounty hunter.
A strap on.
According to the 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois website said order is a document listed among Post-judgment procedures (means after a decision/judgment/$ amt has been rendered) that allows a sherriff to literally go and find and bring the body or person responsible for/attached to paying the judgment to court to explain her/his suspicious absence, which will might otherwise result in a charge of contempt of court (not good!)

To wit:

Upon the failure of the respondent to appear pursuant to personal service of a Rule to Show Cause or a Citation to Discover Assets, and the Rule or Citation having included the advisory language of Rule 15.01, the Court in its discretion may order the Clerk of the Court to issue an order of body attachment, with or without bond, directing the Sheriff to arrest and have the respondent brought forthwith before the judge issuing the order to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of court.

What it really means: Debtor owes money and will be made to pay one way or another. You can run but you can't hide.

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