Someone who is on parole in texas what happens if he revoked his parole?

ok if he was on parole in texas , he transferred his stuff to okla , meantime revoked his parole now were waiting for extradite him back , how long will he do if he only had 6months to go , they are holding him for another county

Melissa, not enough information to tell. We don't know his crime, so we cannot know his time. How can he revoke his own parole? Looks like if he is being held for another County that he is going down again, for who knows how long.
In Texas violating parole is considered escape which has a mandatory 15 years. Even if he had 1 day left before parole was up, it is still escape.
he's in a heap of trouble! might as well go on the run
Texas is a police state, they just love putting people in prison, they have more prisons than the Soviet Union ever did. After they return him, he will have to serve out whatever his term was.

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