Employment history for previous 10 years?

Thanks to our lack in immigration control and terrorists we now have to supply prospective employers with a employment history for the previous 10 years. My question is where do I get this information at no cost to me. Seems to be nothing free in the Freedom of Information Act, Thanks Slick Willy!

This question keeps popping up lately.

I'd suggest the Social Security Administration..hopefully, you've held jobs that made you pay into it, so you should be able to get a list from them.
You get the information from your memory and checking tax returns to be sure you mentioned everyone. Your w-2's should do the trick. No charge.
what?!?! you have got to be kidding me. is this just an excuse for you to vent your political feelings, as misguided as they are? here's your answer: you work. that's how you get an employment history. it's not the fault of immigrants that you don't have a job. try harder.
You can't remember where you worked??
What the hell, blame somebody else. Why not.
Do you remember where you parked your car?
Unless you've held many jobs over the past 10 years I wouldn't think this would be that much of a problem. If so, check your tax records, the Social Security Administration, ask family or friends, do a vanity search on the web to see if your name comes up in connection with any past employers.

If you don't have a full 10 year employment history, due to age and/or education, note that along with the school, college or university you attended and the years you attended.

Above all, make a list of your previous employers and dates in a text file on your computer along with filing a printout of it each time you update it.

Many people call this a resume or a curriculum vitae (CV).
Well Slick, this might be news to you, many employers have required a ten year employment history for as long as I've been in the work force and that has been prior to 9/11 and the so called immigration problem. You have been fortunate and did not have supply such information.

If you cannot remember the dates of prior employment, approximations are acceptable. If you were a student during that time or looking for employment those are acceptable answers as well. No need to spend money for that info.

Remember, most employers do not require employment history for a job you've kept less than three months unless it is specified on their application form.

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