How long do I have to "hold" someones property before I can dispose of it or keep it as mine?

On August 7th my ex boyfriend will have been gone for 30 days from our rented home. He left everything. Furniture, clothes, etc. Some of which I dont want and some of which I would like to keep! THe qestion is after how long does this stuff become legally mine and I can do whatever I want with it and him not come back and sue me for the price of it? I dont want his clothes and thought about donating them to Goodwill but he didnt take any of them with him. He left a pool table that I would like to keep but could he come back in a couple of months and try to get it? What is the law with possession and ownership?? What are my options? He says he is coming to get it but has failed to show up!!

send a certified letter to his address where he has to sign for it and state in the letter that he has ------ length of time to collect and or remove ALL his items and from that date all property will be disposed of as you see fit,.

you MUST check your local state laws on the length of time that you have to give him tho.

keep it for 30 days not completely positive but i think the law states they have a year before its concidered abandoned...
Send him something in writing (and keep a copy) that says something along the lines of: "you have five days from the date you get this letter (or specify a date) to get your property from the address ..." and then after that date, it's all yours and you can do whatever you want with it.
Just keep that letter -- maybe even send it to him certified or with delivery confirmation, so he can't say he never got it -- so that if he did come back for any of his belongings, you could tell him (or the cops or lawyers) that you tried to get him to come get his stuff.
The law regarding this will vary from state to state. When I had a similar situation, I contacted a local apartment manager and she told me how to legally handle the property.
I think you have a couple of options. #1, lets get some more facts... Is he on the lease agreement at the property you live at?, Would he be able to furnish receipts (either in the form of a check, money order, or handwritten from you or your landlord) that he does in fact live there? Has he ever given you money for rent and if so has he kept it current? ... I think someone else mentiond to ask your apt. manager or landlord because they might have had to deal with someone abandoning on their property before. In NY it is my understanding that if someone abandons items in an apt. for more than 30 days that your only option is to dump the items and not use them for personal gain, that's if you are a landlord.

If he can't prove the items are his then after 30 days they ought to be yours. You may also check at the police station, you don't have to give them your name... Protect yourself, he should be paying you rent for his things being there and you may be able to keep them as collateral until he pays you his portion of the monthly rent and utilities, and any other monies he owes you in conjunction with the apt. If he left everything including all of his clothes then what else are you to assume !

If he isn't in jail he found someone else who is willing to pay for his needs. You say he says he is coming, WHEN? make a time and date, has he said this once, twice, twenty times? Inform him if he doesn't come you will no longer waste your time waiting for him... Mean it, change your locks!

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