What should you do if you find someone's credit card/bank card?

If you were outside and find someone's dropped credit card on the sidewalk or in the ground in the parking lot ....what should you do?
Answer:   Call the toll-free number on the back of the card and ask the credit card company for the way they prefer to handle the situation.

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An honest person would look on the back of the card for the customer service number, call that number and report that you've found the card. Then, cut it into pieces and either mail it to the credit card company or dispose of it.
you could take it to the bank that issued it, or you could take a chance and go buy yourself something (look directly into the security camera and smile)
Call the number on the back and tell them you found one.

Or, if it is a bank card, you can bring it to a bank and tell them you found it.
Drop it in a mail box.
Cut it up and throw it away. By the time you locate the person they probably will have discovered it missing and will have the card cancelled.
definitely call the company that's on the card whether it be a bank or store,whatever.don't try using it.you will get caught sooner or later anyway.
Try and haller at the person and let them no. turn it in to the store they came out of. Call the number on the back of the card an report that you found it.
Call your travel agent and plan that vacation of your dreams.
Go on a well deserved shopping spree for fifteen minutes and then cut it up and deny it's you on the security tape,
I would try to find the person and get it back to them. Otherwise, I would make a copy of it -- front and back and send the card with a letter explaining the situation (and keep a copy of the letter) back to the company that issued it. Make sure you send it certified mail, return receipt requested and that you give copies of both to the police department so that if an unscrupulous bank card employee uses the card or sells it, you can prove that you returned it.

After reading some of these other answers. Cutting up the card before sending it back might be the most secure thing to do.

If you find the owner of the card, make them produce a statement showing the card is theirs as well as a driver's license proving their identity and ask them to sign a statement (again, you keep a copy) that the card was found on such a date, where it was found, and that the card was returned to the owner on whatever date. Adivse in your statement that the owner of the card contact the credit card company to ensure that there were no charges made between the time you found the card and the time it was returned.

This sounds really crazy, but honest people get screwed all the time. So you have to protect yourself.

In the alternative, shred the card and keep your mouth shut! At least you will have prevented some unscrupulous person from getting it and prevented other crimes. The owner can report it lost or stolen and since you rendered it unusable, no one gets injured.
See what bank it belongs to. It's not a good idea to entertain ideas of fraud.
Call the customer service number on back to report the card lost....be a good citizen and prevent the next person from getting it and spending using it before the owner realizes it is gone.

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